UL Approved Products – FILN Indicator Light

FILN’s lamp products have entered the United States market in 2017, the world’s largest consumer market and electrical products production country. FILN is welcomed by the market. In the past, the bright market basically used the French APEM company in the United States, with long delivery times and expensive prices. FILN has always been an indicator of innovation. The design is not only comprehensive, but also very atmospheric. Especially the delivery date is very fast. It can be delivered immediately within 7 days, so the order is very large.

8mm metal indicator light UL

In order to better serve American customers and open the American market, FILN began to test and prepare for the American UL certification in early 2016. After 1 year, FILN indicator light series passed the tests of the American UL organization and obtained the American UL certification.

According to the US UL certification authority, FILN is the only small indicator light factory in mainland China that has obtained US UL certification.

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