The golden age of foreign trade/Mr Mike(Egypt)

(Last Updated On: 04/02/2019)
On March 25, 2019, Mr. Mike, an Alibaba lecturer, came to wenzhou to give a speech on his golden era of foreign trade to the Alibaba merchants in wenzhou area. Before the speech began, the site with capacity of 500 people was completely full, so the organizer had to add 50 seats temporarily, and the rest of the staff had to stand beside or sit on the floor to listen to the lecture.

‘The past is the past and the present is the present”. Mr. Mike used his humorous language to tell us about his experiences in Alibaba. Mr. Mike mentioned that the old way of foreign trade was old, now it is the time to use the new ways to follow the new trends of Alibaba, the new module of‘ready to ship’should be used right now. In the shopping season of March, I should also timely adjust my own store, such as the promotion module of activity time limit, coupon module and hot style module.
‘A dollor is money too.’Mr. Mike told us about his experience that he sent different kinds of emails to the customer and finally got the response. Besides, the Alibaba buyer which he kept in touch for nearly a year finally placed an order, even though the order was less than $500, but he thought it made sense. A penny saved is a penny earned.
‘Two-eight law: A salesman’s energy is limited, how to use it efficiently? It is spending 20% of your energy on developing new customers and 80% on maintaining old customers.

Salesmen need to keep reading more books to learn new knowledges and improve themselves constantly. We should be familiar with the cultural background of customers in different countries and communicate with them in the way they are used to. In addition, our company should set up a good faithand high quality image. Good company with fine salesmanand excellent service attitude could attract more customers.
After the course, we optimized different products for our own stores,  for example, we have optimized the main drawing for the indicator light; optimized the detail page for the boat switch; and improved the procedure on the after-sales service and return visiting for the metal button. Let our service makes more customers satisfied!