The Best Selling Rocker Switch is KCD4

What is a KCD4 rocker switch?

A rocker switch KCD4 is an on-off switch that rocks back and forth.

When one side is pressed, the other raises with an action similar to a see-saw.

They are easy to use and extremely reliable, making them one of the most common forms of switches used worldwide.

Rocker switches KCD4 house a button for an operation that can be pressed on either end like a see-saw to connect or disconnect an electrical circuit.

The name “rocker switch” comes from the rocking motion that the switch makes when the button is pressed. It is also sometimes called a see-saw switch.

rocker switch

The detailed classification of the Rocker Switch KCD4:

A rocker switch KCD4 is a small high capacity power switch suitable for home appliances and office equipment. Compared with other switches, it is more powerful.

But there are also different types of KCD4 rocker switches.

1. Small capacity non-sealed type

The rated voltage and rated current of this type of ship switch are small. This type of product has three positions. In terms of material, the terminal is usually brass-coated with gold or silver. Long life, up to 50,000 times.

2. Large capacity sealed type

For large-capacity rocker switches, they are more suitable for use in power supplies, and the safety of airtightness is more guaranteed, there are two gears, ON or OFF, and the terminal material is brass-clad tin.

Electrical Ratings

5A 120VAC, 28VDC;

2A 250VAC

Electrical Life 50,000 cycles typical
Contact Resistance <20 mΩ max initial 2-4VDC, 100mA
Dielectric Strength 1500Vrms min
Insulation Resistance > 100MΩ min
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Electrical Ratings

15A 125VAC;

8A  250VAC

Electrical Life 10,000 cycles typical
Contact Resistance <50 mΩ initial
Dielectric Strength 1500Vrms min
Insulation Resistance > 100MΩ min
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C

The above switch classification is based on the US CIT switch relay.

Technical parameters of rocker switch:

  • Rated working voltage and current rating 3A/6A/15A
  • Working temperature range temperature -25+85℃
  • Contact resistance <0.03 Ω
  • Driving force 1.3+0.5 N
  • Insulation resistance >100 MΩ
  • Life (switch life) 10,000 times

On the right is the production process of FILN rocker switch


How many sizes of rocker switches are there?


There are four commonly used sizes:

19mm*13mm; 20mm*20mm; 30mm*22mm; 28mm*22mm


In addition, it has other rectangles:

10mm*15mm; 15mm*20mm; 12mm*30mm; 31mm*22mm

Common rocker switch size chart

Rocker switch drawings

Which switch is the best-selling rocker switch?

Currently, the best-selling FILN company is the KCD4 rocker switch.

Why are KCD4 series rocker switches selling well?

Because KCD4 is not only exquisite, it also looks particularly beautiful. The current can be made into a large ampere, usually, the buckle installation is also very convenient; and the colors are various and even waterproof, and the waterproof level can reach IP67.

If you are a distributor, this is a very big advantage for rocker switches. It will be described in detail below.

KCD4 series rocker switch surface material:

For the surface materials of the rocker switch, FILN company can produce transparent plastic surface, aluminum surface, silver spray paint surface, black spray paint surface and stainless steel surface.

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Does the KCD4 rocker switch have lights?


Yes, both KCD4 and KCD1FILN companies can use LDE indicator lights to make.

The five most common colors on the market are red, yellow, blue, white, and green.

Usually, the red rocker switch means stop; the green rocker switch means normal operation.

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The Best Selling Rocker Switch is KCD4


Is the KCD4 rocker switch waterproof?


Yes, the KCD4 series produced by FILN can produce waterproof and non-waterproof rocker switches according to different use environments.

The waterproof level of the waterproof rocker switch can reach IP67 level.

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rocker switch IP67
The Best Selling Rocker Switch is KCD4

How many wiring methods are there for KCD4 series rocker switches?

There are three ways to connect the kcd4 rocker switch.

What color is the LED indicator light?

Plastic indicator wiring
  1. The wires can be directly welded firmly to the terminals of the rocker switch.
Boat terminal
  1. Use terminals for connection, generally 2.8 terminals, 4.8 terminals, 6.3 terminals, etc. can be used.
Boat screw feet
  1. The screw pin connection method is also a commonly used connection method.

Answers to questions about rocker switches:

What is the maximum operating temperature of the rocker switch?

The maximum operating temperature of a rocker switch can reach 80℃

What is the minimum operating temperature of the rocker switch KCD4?

The minimum operating temperature of the rocker switch KCD4 can reach -50°c

What is the service life of the rocker switch KCD4?

The service life of the rocker switch is 10,000 times.

What is the maximum current of the rocker switch KCD4?

The maximum current of the rocker switch can reach 250V 30A.

How many functions does the rocker switch KCD4 have?

Rocker switches have different functions, such as:


How many voltages does the rocker switch have?

The rocker switch voltage can generate 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 250V, 380V, etc.

What is the certification of the rocker switch?

International rocker switch certification includes UL.ROHS.

Can the rocker switch be customized?

Yes, FILN has a strong and very professional rocker switch R&D team.

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Can customers print their logo on the shell of the rocker switch?

Yes, FILN company can customize the rocker switch, and the customer can print the logo on the shell.

If you want to print on the switch button, we recommend that you use a stainless steel surface so that you can clearly engrave your own patterns or trademarks.

If it is a simple logo, it is easier to print it directly on the shell. Many customers do this. Just give us your logo and our pad printing machine will be adjusted according to the size. At the same time, we also accept customization of the connection method.

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For example, some customers require very long cables. In fact, the length of the cable can be adjusted accordingly, and the length of the cable can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the customer.

And some customers will choose split ship switch. You can click on our official website ( to view the actual specific information of the rocker switch. This is really waterproof because the bottom is used to seal with the glue.

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There are many options for our rocker switches. If you are interested, please send an inquiry to our sales staff: and call us +86577-27878383-8029. Our sales staff will be happy to serve you and answer your questions.

We are a factory, we do not have a minimum purchase quantity, our delivery efficiency is very high, if you have good suggestions, please feel free to negotiate with us.

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What is the packaging method of the rocker switch?

This should be packaged according to the type of rocker switch because the size is different, such as the KCD4 series, usually, our packaging is 40 small boxes, 400 a box.

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What is the transportation method of the rocker switch?

FILN provides air and sea transportation. If you have your own freight account, it is better for you, and the cost is usually lower than the local.

How do I know if my rocker switch is broken?

Warning signs of switch failure may include multiple symptoms. The most common is a power failure.

If the power supply is broken, the rocker switch will restart and try to supply power again. Without enough solid power, the rocker switch will lose some power and restart.

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What do the “O” and “—” symbols on the rocker switch mean?

The rocker switch is a rocker switch with two symbols on its surface: “O” and “—”.

They are the international symbols for power “on” and power “off”.

“O” means that the power is off, and “-” means that the power is on.

To turn on the electric washing machine, press “—” on the power switch.

To turn off the electric washing machine, press “O” on the power switch.

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How does the rocker switch work?

When the switch of the rocker switch is turned to the ON position (to the left), the DC motor is turned on and running. When the switch is closed (to the right), the DC motor is no longer energized and shuts down.

Are rocker switches better?
Rocker switches are usually used in high-end new buildings or industrial equipment, while traditional switches are usually used in cheaper new houses.

What is the difference between 2-way rocker switch and 3-way rocker switch KCD4?
In ordinary rocker switches, the two terminals are either connected (as shown in the picture) or disconnected. When they are connected, the rocker switch is in the “on” state. In a three-way rocker switch, the top terminal is connected to one or the other of the bottom two terminals.

What is the difference between a rocker switch and a toggle switch?
This is the main difference between toggle and joystick. The rocker switch is more versatile and suitable for various interior design styles. They tend to look more modern, but toggle switches tend to be more representative.

A little introduction, if you are interested, you can click on our official website to view the details, the installation, testing, drawings and other information of some ship switches.

The method to solve the problem of rocker switch KCD4:
The spring displacement and the aging deformation of the plastic bracket make the switch inflexible.
It can be disassembled after power failure. If the plastic part is not damaged, it may be repaired.

The neutral line inside the switch is straight-through and has nothing to do with the switching element.
Therefore, if the switch jumps to the air switch, the insulation layer of the neutral wire of the switch will be damaged.
You can cut off the damaged part and reconnect the wiring.

Pay attention to insulation to ensure. It is also possible that the indicator pin is short-circuited, just re-wiring.

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Rocker switch application:

Our switches are used in a variety of applications, including HVAC equipment, home appliances, security products, vacuum cleaners and floor care equipment, dehumidifiers, medical systems, audio amplifiers, power supply units, and control panels.

Rocker switch application

Please visit our website to view our comprehensive switch product line. The search function will help you select the desired switch.

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