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8MM Small Push Button Switch Momentary Switch With Light


Product Drawings:

The Miniature push button switch is a small push button switch. It is designed, like most push button switches, to provide manual control in a circuit by pushing a button to open or close the circuit. This type of Miniature push button switch is typically used in limited space applications.

In summary, the Miniature push button switch is a small, easy-to-operate switching device for applications with limited space and circuits that require manual control.

Product Parameters:

Production Series FLM8-10EJ Light guide button PC plastic
Button Shape round actuator 304 Stainless steel
Button LED Color Red, blue, green, yellow and white Housing sleeve H59 nickel plated brass
Mechanical Life The 300 thousand time Button pin H62 Copper alloy
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time rubber ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP65 IK09 nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 36V DC housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Rated Current 1A Light source LED
Rated Power 36W Resistor Metal film
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃ contact AgCdO12

Push Button Switch Wiring Method:

The most conventional wiring requirements are: the light of the switch locked is on, the device starts.

The light of the switch reset is off, the device is closed.

The wiring mode is as follows: the first step is that the positive pole of the power source is connected to the switch’s load pin, the other load pin is connected to the LED pin (+) and the positive pole of the device.

The second step is that the negative pole of the power source is connected to the LED pin (-) . As the following picture shows.

Button switch wiring

Another requirement is that the switch locks, the device starts. Switch reset, the device is closed and the lamp is on.

The wiring mode is as follows: the first step is that the positive pole of the power is connected to the switch’s load pin and LED light pin (+), the other load pin is connected to the device’s positive pole.

The second step is that the power’s negative pole is connected to the device’s negative pole and LED light pin(-).

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Features of Miniature Push Button Switch

  • Compact size: Miniature push button switch is small in size, usually with a compact design, the overall appearance and mounting aperture are relatively mini, making it suitable for limited space application scenarios.
  • Button operation: Usually there is a raised button on the surface of the button, also known as a high head button switch, the user can control the state of the switch by pressing or releasing the button.
  • Momentary Action: Mini pushbutton switches are usually momentary action, or momentary pushbutton switches, where the circuit is connected when the button is pressed, but disconnected once the button is released.
  • Single-pole or double-pole: Mini pushbutton switches can be either single-pole (single-pole) or double-pole (double-pole) designs. A single-pole switch opens or closes only one circuit when the button is pressed, while a double-pole switch can open or close two circuits at the same time.
  • With light effect: The web page introduces this Miniature push button switch is with LED lights, to be able to put a LED in such a small button is also characteristic of the LED light color used to the commonly used five colors.

Description of Mini LED Push Button Switch

The miniature push button switch we offer has a mounting hole size of 8mm. However, in addition to this size, we also provide a comprehensive range of options to cater to different requirements. Our product line includes push button switches with mounting hole sizes of 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, and 40mm, ensuring that you can find the appropriate size for your specific application.

These various sizes allow for versatility and compatibility with different panel or equipment designs. Whether you need a smaller or larger mounting hole, we can accommodate your needs with our complete range of miniature push button switches.

Please let us know the specific size you require, and we will be glad to assist you in selecting the appropriate miniature push button switch that suits your application’s mounting requirements.

The 8mm miniature LED push button switch is a type of miniature push button switch. It is characterized by its small size and is commonly used in applications where space is limited. The head shape of this switch is high flat head, which is suitable for high flat head buttons due to its compact 8mm size.

This miniature push button switch is available in different materials, including brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy. Brass is a cost-effective option, while stainless steel offers corrosion resistance. Zinc alloy provides the advantage of being able to be plated in various colors, enhancing its appearance.

push button switch material

For the plastic components of the mini LED push button switch, PC (polycarbonate) and PA66 (polyamide 66) are commonly used. These materials exhibit high-temperature resistance up to 160 degrees Celsius. The switch is typically designed to operate within a temperature range of -40 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius.

The switch shown in the picture is usually made of brass material, indicating its cost-effectiveness and suitability for various applications.

Multiple button voltages

The 8mm miniature LED push button switch, a type of miniature push button switch, offers a variety of features and options. It is available in five colors: red, yellow, blue, green, and white. Currently, our production capabilities allow for monochrome switches with 4 pins and a 1NO (normally open) function.

The mini LED push button switch is designed to handle a current of 1A at 250V AC. Additionally, it supports multiple voltage options, including 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, and 220V. If required, we can also produce the switch with other voltages such as 48V, providing flexibility for different applications.

Mechanically, the switch has a lifespan of 50,000 cycles, ensuring durability and longevity. It has also undergone certifications such as CE and ROHS, assuring compliance with relevant safety and environmental standards.

Overall, the 8mm miniature LED push button switch is a versatile product with various color options, voltage choices, and certifications. It is designed to provide reliable performance and can be customized to meet specific requirements.

How does the 12V Miniature Push Button Switch Work?

The mini LED push button switch is a manually controlled master ordering appliance. It is mainly used to issue operation commands, turn on or off the control circuit, and control the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment.

The operation principle of the push button is pretty simple.

For normally open contacts, the circuit is disconnected before the button is pressed, when the push button is pressed, the normally open contact is connected and the circuit is switched on.

For normally closed contacts, the contact is closed before the push button is pressed, when the push button is pressed, the contact is disconnected and the circuit is disconnected.

A button can also have multiple pairs of simultaneous contacts due to the control circuit operation.

You can purchase our miniature push button switch products directly through Alibaba online or by contacting us via email for purchasing the mini LED push button switch. The product weight is approximately 0.05 kg.

The delivery method will be determined based on the quantity ordered by the customer. Each box package contains 50 pieces, and each carton contains 1000 pieces of the mini LED push button switch.

It’s important to note that this miniature push button switch is a special product with no minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. We understand the value of testing our products, so we provide free samples for you to evaluate and test.

To proceed with the purchase or to request samples, you can either visit our Shopify online store or reach out to us via email. We are dedicated to providing a convenient and efficient purchasing experience for our customers.

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Small Push Button Switch: Comprehensive Guide

Small push button switches are an integral part of various electronic devices, offering functionality and customization in numerous applications. From the intricacies of their design, materials, wiring techniques, to the specialized types like momentary push button switch or normally closed push button switch, this article provides a comprehensive guide. Whether you’re exploring innovative solutions like tactile push button switches or seeking eco-friendly manufacturing and disposal practices, this guide covers all aspects. Delve into this detailed exploration of small push button switches to understand their versatile usage, how to purchase, and much more, ensuring you make informed decisions in your personal or professional endeavors.

What Are Small Push Button Switches and How Are They Used?

Small push button switches are common devices used to control circuits. These buttons come in various types, such as mini push button switch 2 pin, nc push button switch, and momentary push button switch. Below, you will find detailed information on their applications, functionality, and specifications.


Small push button switches are designed to enable or interrupt the flow of electricity within a circuit. By pressing the button, the user can activate or deactivate a device. A good example is the mini push button switch on/off, used in a wide variety of applications.

Types of Small Push Button Switches

  1. Momentary Push Button Switch: It returns to its normal position after being released.
  2. Normally Closed Push Button Switch (NC): Stays closed until the button is pressed.
  3. Miniature Push Button Switches: Available in various sizes for compact applications.


These switches are found in industrial machines, consumer electronics, and automotive applications. An excellent example is the mini push button switch 2 pin used in mobile devices and small appliances.

What Are the Specifications and Ratings of Small Push Button Switches?

Understanding the specifications and ratings of small push button switches is essential to choosing the right switch for your needs.

Voltage and Current Ratings

Most small push button switches are designed to handle specific voltage and current ranges. Some can handle up to 12 volts, such as 12mm push button 12 volt switches.


Small push button switches’ lifespan depends on the number of cycles it can withstand. Durable switches like the IP65 momentary mini push button switch can last for millions of cycles.

Mounting Options

Different mounting options include panel mount, PCB mount, or surface mount. Specific types like 16mm 12v push button switch panel are designed for panel mounting.

How Do You Wire a Small Push Button Switch?

Wiring a small push button switch can be done with basic tools and knowledge.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wiring

  1. Identify the Terminals: Determine the terminal’s function.
  2. Prepare the Wires: Strip and tin the ends of the wire.
  3. Connect the Wires: Secure them to the terminals of the switch.
  4. Test the Connection: Use a multimeter to test the connections.

You can find specific wiring instructions for products like the 12mm momentary switch on the respective product page.

Safety Precautions

It is essential to take safety precautions such as using the proper tools, following the switch’s specifications, and consulting the push button switch types to avoid any mishaps.

Troubleshooting Tips

Should you encounter any issues, following guidelines on the momentary car push button ignition switch page or similar resources may provide assistance.

What Are the Different Materials Used in Small Push Button Switches?

Different materials are used in small push button switches, influencing their performance and appearance.

Common Materials

  1. Plastic: Often used in round push button switches, lightweight and versatile.
  2. Metal: Seen in metal button switches, robust and durable.
  3. Rubber: For waterproof applications like momentary waterproof 12v round switches.

Impact of Material Choice

Material choice affects factors like durability, appearance, and cost. For instance, the flat head short type metal switch may offer a sleek appearance but come at a higher cost.

How to Choose the Right Small Push Button Switch for Your Application?

Choosing the right small push button switch requires considering several factors, including the type, specifications, materials, and the application’s specific needs.

Define the Requirements

Identify your application’s specific needs, such as voltage, current rating, or whether you need a normally closed push button switch.

Consider the Environment

Environmental factors like temperature, moisture, and exposure to chemicals can affect the choice. Consider switches like the 16mm pushbutton harness designed for specific environments.

Consult a Specialist

When in doubt, consulting a specialist or using online resources like the push button switch category on various platforms can guide you to the perfect solution.

How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Small Push Button Switches?

Maintaining and troubleshooting small push button switches prolong their lifespan and keep them in optimal condition.

Regular Inspection

Regular inspection for signs of wear or damage can prevent failures. Understanding the momentary meaning of switches will aid in this process.


Proper cleaning using appropriate methods ensures that the switch continues to function efficiently.

Professional Services

For complex issues, it might be best to seek professional services or visit the indicator light website for further guidance.

Small push button switch technology continues to evolve, with innovations and trends shaping the industry.


The trend towards miniaturization, such as miniature momentary push button switches, accommodates the demand for compact devices.

Smart Technology

Integration with smart technology allows for more convenient control and monitoring.


The focus on environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient designs represents a significant trend in the industry.

Legal and regulatory considerations must be observed when dealing with small push button switches, ensuring compliance and safety.

Certification and Standards

Products must meet specific standards such as UL, CE, or RoHS. Look for certified products like 12-volt momentary push button switches to ensure quality and compliance.

Import and Export Regulations

Understand the import and export regulations specific to your country to avoid legal complications.

Environmental Regulations

Adhering to environmental regulations is essential, especially in the manufacturing and

disposal of these switches.

How Can Small Push Button Switches Be Customized?

Customization of small push button switches is often required to meet specific application needs or aesthetic preferences.

Custom Design Options

  1. Color Customization: Choose specific colors to match brand identity or user preferences.
  2. Size Modification: Custom sizes like miniature push button switches can fit specialized applications.
  3. Logo and Branding: Incorporate logos or branding for a unique appearance.
  4. Functional Customization: Adjusting functionality such as tactile push button switches or momentary normally closed push button switches.

Process of Customization

  1. Define Requirements: Detail the specific customizations required.
  2. Consult with Manufacturers: Work with specialized manufacturers or use platforms like Indicator Light.
  3. Review Samples: Obtain and evaluate samples for quality and specifications.
  4. Finalize Order: Confirm the order, ensuring it meets all customization requirements.

Considerations for Customization

Consider factors like cost, lead time, and minimum order quantity when customizing small push button switches. Always consult professionals to ensure customization meets industry standards.

Where Can You Buy Small Push Button Switches?

Purchasing small push button switches requires careful consideration of various factors, such as quality, price, and vendor reputation.

Online Platforms

Online platforms offer a wide variety of options. You can find everything from a mini push button switch 2 pin to normally closed push button switch on sites like Indicator Light’s category page.

Physical Stores

Physical stores provide the opportunity to inspect the products and consult sales professionals for advice.

Direct from Manufacturers

Buying directly from manufacturers may offer competitive pricing and customization options. Explore products like momentary push button ignition switch directly from manufacturers.

Considerations When Purchasing

  1. Quality Certification: Look for certifications like UL, CE, or RoHS.
  2. Return Policy: Understand the vendor’s return or warranty policies.
  3. Price Comparison: Compare prices across vendors to find the best deal.
  4. Consult Reviews: Check customer reviews to gauge product quality and vendor reliability.

What Are the Environmental Considerations for Small Push Button Switches?

Environmentally responsible manufacturing and disposal of small push button switches are critical aspects to consider.

Sustainable Manufacturing

  1. Recycled Materials: Utilize recycled or sustainable materials in production.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Implement energy-saving measures in manufacturing processes.
  3. Waste Reduction: Minimize waste through efficient design and production methods.

Eco-Friendly Disposal

  1. Recycling: Encourage recycling of materials like metals and plastics.
  2. Hazardous Waste Management: Properly dispose of components that may contain hazardous substances.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: Adhere to local environmental regulations related to waste disposal.

Green Certifications

Products with green certifications, such as Energy Star or EPEAT, indicate compliance with environmental standards.

What Are the Different International Standards for Small Push Button Switches?

International standards for small push button switches ensure quality, safety, and compatibility across global markets.

Common International Standards

  1. UL (Underwriters Laboratories): Safety certification for the United States.
  2. CE (Conformité Européenne): Compliance with European Union directives.
  3. RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances): Ensures products are free from specific hazardous materials.

Importance of International Standards

  1. Quality Assurance: Standards guarantee product quality and reliability.
  2. Global Market Access: Compliance facilitates international trade and acceptance.
  3. Legal Compliance: Adherence to standards ensures alignment with local laws and regulations.

Finding Standard Compliant Products

Work with reputable vendors or platforms like Indicator Light to ensure products meet the necessary international standards.


The comprehensive guide to small push button switches covers everything from their functions, specifications, wiring, materials, purchasing options, customization, international standards, environmental considerations, and innovations. With various types such as momentary, normally closed, and tactile push button switches, these versatile devices find applications across numerous industries. Understanding their applications, specifications, and adhering to legal and regulatory requirements will guide you to make an informed choice, whether you need a simple mini push button switch on/off or a customized solution. By keeping abreast of the latest trends and utilizing resources like Indicator Light, you can stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of small push button switches.

Price Range of Small Push Button Switches in the USA

When it comes to purchasing small push button switches in the USA, there are several suppliers to consider. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the approximate price range from various suppliers:


The price for each small push button switch can range from $0.01 to $100, depending on the specific parameters and features^1^.

Home Depot

The average price for push button light switches at Home Depot ranges from $10 to $150. They carry brands such as Lutron[^2^].

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics offers a variety of push button switches, including small options. Prices can vary depending on the specific model and features of the switch[^3^].

All Electronics

All Electronics offers a variety of push button switches, including small options. Prices range from around $0.70 to $5 or more per switch, depending on the specific switch model and features[^4^].

Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on the supplier, retailer, and location. It is always recommended to check with the specific supplier or retailer for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information on small push button switches.

Price Range Comparison

To give you a visual representation of the price range, here’s a pie chart showcasing the average prices from each supplier:

Average Price of Small Push Button Switches

Supplier Comparison

For a more detailed comparison, here’s a table summarizing the price range of small push button switches from each supplier:

Supplier Price Range
Made-in-China $0.01 – $100
Home Depot $10 – $150
Mouser Electronics Varies
All Electronics $0.70 – $5

As you can see, the price range for small push button switches can vary significantly depending on the supplier and specific features required. It’s important to consider your budget and the desired functionality when making a purchasing decision.

In conclusion, the price of small push button switches in the USA can range from as low as $0.01 to as high as $150, depending on the supplier and features. It’s always recommended to research and compare prices from different suppliers to ensure you get the best deal for your specific needs.

Remember to check with the supplier or retailer for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, as prices may vary over time.

[^2^]: Home Depot
[^3^]: Mouser Electronics
[^4^]: All Electronics

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