16MM High Head Self-Resetting Push Switch Red Button

  • The model: FLP16-HJ-1-XX000-P10M2
  • Keyword: Push Switch
  • Rated current voltage: 3A 250V AC
  • Housing Material: Nylon PC
  • Certifications: CCC, CE, RoSH
  • Switch Type: Self-reset / no lock
  • Insulation Voltage: 1500V
  • Waterproof Rating: IP40
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 8mm
  • Pin Size:2.8*0.5mm
  • PDF: 16mm high head self-resetting push switch Red button

Push  switch parameters

Component name material items parameter
The keys PC plastic Rated voltage 250V AC
The shell PC plastic rated current 3A AC
pin H62 copper alloy Insulation and voltage


Rubber ring silicone Point resistanc ≤50mΩ


nut H59 nickel plated brass Isolation resistance ≥100MΩ


housing PA66+GF20% nylon IP degree IP65 IK08
gasket Stainless steel electrical life 100,000 times
Button color Red, yellow, blue,

green ,white、black

Operating temperature -25℃~+85℃

What is the self-resetting push button switch?

This is a function of the button. When you press on the push button, then release your hand, it will go back to the original position. So it is called a self-resetting push button.

The description of the push switch

The mounting hole diameter of the plastic push switch is 16mm, it is suitable for industrial machinery requiring cost control and large amount of use, such as small generator, electric welding machine, inverter, frequency converter, switch control box lamp.

At the same time, the price advantages of the plastic PC material are obvious, the market use is large and the delivery period is short.

Except for the commonly used red color, there are many other colors to choose from, such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, black.

You can choose different colors’ push switches according to the different functions of the device, this can avoid misoperation.

16MM High Head Self-Resetting Push Switch Red Button

The main parameter specification of the push switch rated current voltage: 3A 250V AC, frequency: 50/60Hz, the mechanical life is 10000 times, the electrical life is 50000 times, the working temperature is minus 25 degrees to 85 degrees.

The push switch only has the design of no lock, if you need the product with lock, you can choose our other sizes push button, the terminal size of the end is 2.8*0.5mm, and the material is copper plated nickel, which can let the push switch have the function of antioxidation, corrosion prevention, to achieve the purpose of long-term use.

The end connecting terminals can be welded to the wire directly, you can also use the fast connected terminal for plug and play. Meanwhile, we can also customize the wiring harness of the end, We can meet your needs for the various terminals in the international market.

The key shape of the push switch’s head is high-head. This can achieve more accurate blind operation, the work will be more efficient. The key color of the head includes red, green, yellow, blue, black, and white

The product had passed the certifications of CE, CCC, ROSH, etc.

How does a push button switch work?

The following is our short circuit schematic diagram

The push switch is designed without a lamp, so its circuit connection is very simple.

If you want the push switch to remain in the current closing, keep it up when the hand presses down, this allows the switch to be powered on.

When you release your hand, the key of the push switch will bounce back automatically, the current is disconnected.

16MM High Head Self-Resetting Push Switch Red Button

How to make a push switch stay on?

You can choose the self-resetting push button switch. When you press the push button then release your hand, the push switch will keep in the pressed state, the line is still connected normally, then the device works all the time. When you press the push switch, the device is turn off normally.

How to purchase the push switch?

The rated current and voltage of this product is 3A 250V, if you need 5A 250V or larger current, such as 10A 250V AC. You can choose our other size push button switch.

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