How To And Safely Produce Button Switch 8 Exhilarating Rules

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Eight precautions for safe production of button switches:
1. Do a good job in fire prevention
2. Prevent explosion accidents
3. Don’t blindly “hurry up the schedule”
4. Prevent electrostatic hazards
5. Avoid poisoning accidents
6. Beware of trampling
7. Pay attention to road traffic safety
8. Strengthen personnel and equipment management

Do a good job in button switch production and fire prevention

Strengthen fire management. Strictly implement the hot fire approval system in flammable and explosive places.

Oxygen and acetylene should not be mixed. Special personnel must be assigned to monitor the welding operation, equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment, and non-combustible materials should be used as shielding and isolation panels near the welding point to prevent Welding spattered everywhere and caused a fire.

Employees must not smoke in flammable and explosive places such as warehouses and dormitories.

How To And Safely Produce Button Switch 8 Exhilarating Rules

Strictly prevent button switch explosion accidents

Button switch equipment maintenance is a frequent occurrence of safety production accidents, especially for companies with flammable and explosive chemicals, and more attention should be paid to prevent explosion accidents during the maintenance process.

According to the types of flammable and explosive materials, hazardous characteristics, methods of use and methods of use, strictly control and eliminate flammable materials and fire sources, and take preventive measures to ensure the safe storage and use of flammable and explosive materials.

It is necessary to strengthen on-site monitoring of hot work, perform the duties of all hot work personnel and fire and explosion prevention measures, and strictly prohibit illegal hot work in flammable and explosive environments.

How To And Safely Produce Button Switch 8 Exhilarating Rules

Don’t blindly “catch up”

The production of button switches must carefully implement the set schedule.

It is strictly forbidden to shorten the construction period without scientific evaluation and demonstration.

While ensuring safe production investment, provide safe production conditions stipulated in relevant regulations and contracts.

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Prevent electrostatic hazards

In dry weather, button switch equipment and facilities are prone to static electricity and cause fires. Therefore,

enterprises must do a good job of testing and monitoring the grounding wires of facilities and equipment to avoid generating static electricity or accelerating the discharge of static electricity, and to prevent accidents, personal injuries and property losses caused by static electricity.

How To And Safely Produce Button Switch 8 Exhilarating Rules

Avoid poisoning accidents

Improve the button switch process technology, strictly prevent the irritating gas from running, scattering, dripping, and leaking, and do a good job in the recycling of waste gas.

Strengthen the safety education of employees, and employees should strictly abide by operating procedures to prevent accidents.

Strengthen personal protection. For example, when contacting corrosive liquids such as acids and alkalis, employees should consciously wear protective clothing and wear gas masks when exposed to toxic gases.

Regularly measure the concentration of irritating gases in the air. If the maximum allowable concentration is exceeded, find out the reason and take effective isolation measures.

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Beware of being stepped on

Risk assessments must be conducted in major public places with large populations, and large-scale mass activities must be strictly approved in accordance with the regulations of the State Council.
Administer the country according to law, and earnestly implement corresponding supervision and preventive measures.
Relevant business and management departments should also formulate emergency plans to clarify specific content such as maximum flow, flow restriction measures and evacuation routes.

How To And Safely Produce Button Switch 8 Exhilarating Rules

Popular science road safety knowledge

If it is foggy, in low visibility conditions, you should reduce the speed of the vehicle, strictly control the speed, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and turn on the hazard lights.
The road may freeze and frost, and the friction and adhesion between the vehicle and the ground will be greatly reduced, which is likely to cause the vehicle to slip.

Therefore, the speed of the vehicle must be strictly controlled, and the vehicle must be decelerated and passed slowly and smoothly in an emergency.

When driving in a curve, avoid sharp turns and emergency braking, and pay attention to accidents caused by vehicle sideslip.
Due to the large temperature change, the driver is prone to catch a cold or physical discomfort, which affects driving safety.

The driver should turn on the air conditioner and add or remove clothes in time to maintain a good mental state.

Strengthen personnel equipment management

The company must adhere to the policy of “professional management, regular maintenance, good operation, and safety”, increase the investigation of hidden dangers of equipment, and make timely rectifications after discovering hidden dangers to achieve equipment management and intrinsic safety.

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