12MM 12V Metal Red LED Indicator Light

  • Mode: FL1M-12FW-1
  • Voltage: 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V, 380V
  • Keyword: Red LED Indicator Light
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
  • Material: Brass, Stainless, Zinc alloy
  • Certification: CE CCC ROSH IP67
  • Waterproof grade: IP67, IP68
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What kinds of material components are there in 12V metal red LED indicator light?

The voltage of the 12V metal red LED indicator light is 12V, whose shell material is metal, the following is the production process for the 12V metal red LED indicator light.

The description of the 12V metal red LED indicator lightThe head of red indicator light adopted PC material, with good temperature resistance and light transmittance.

The appearance of the head is flat, which can be sprayed with paint, and then carved into all kinds of symbols you want with a laser machine.

When the LED is lighting, the logo on the flat-head indicator light will light up, which is very beautiful.

red led indicator light style
red led indicator light material
  • The advantage of stainless metal material is that the red indicator light won’t corrosion and keep the same even if the usage environment is bad, such as the environment with sulfuric acid and saline water. You’d better choose 316L stainless steel, which cost is relatively high.
  • The appearance of the red indicator light will be smooth and shiny when the brass material is electroplated. The whole product will be very high-end and beautiful.
  • The zinc alloy material can be achieve to a variety of colors, such as red.
  1. The metal shell material of the red LED indicator light is divided into three material, such as brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy.
  2. The LED of the red LED indicator light is a non-polar dual CPU, which doesn’t need to distinguish positive and negative degrees if used in the DC environment.
  3. The service life of red LED light can last 50,000 hours.
  4. The base material of the red indicator light is PA66, which can withstand a temperature of 180 degrees.
  5. The electric wire material of the red LED indicator light is PVC, which can withstand a temperature of 105 degree.If you need temperature resistance material, you can adopt the material of teflon, which can withstand a temperature of 240 degrees.
  6. The resistor of the red LED indicator light is metal carbon film resistor. The voltage can change the size of resistor and resistance value to produce a variety of voltage, such as 2V, 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V, 380V, etc.
  7. The red LED indicator light can be achieve a variety of colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue, white, etc.
  8. The red LED indicator light had passed the certifications, such as UL, IP67, CE, ROSH, and ISO90001, etc.
  9. The electric wire end can be customize a variety of connection terminals according to your requirement.
12MM 12V Metal Red LED Indicator Light
Description of red LED indicator light
The opening hole of red LED indicator light 12mm
Waterproof level IP6, IP67
The installation style Thread Fastening Style
Color Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, Purple
Certification UL, CE, ROSH, IP67, CCC, ISO90001
Weight/quantity 1KG/50pcs
The project test criteria of red LED indicator light
The criteria of withstand voltage test 1800V
The criteria of waterproof test IP67
The criteria of strain relief test 10KG
The criteria of high and low temperature test 40 degrees below zero- 80 degrees
The criteria of service life test 50,000 hours
Package 50pcs/box, 1000pcs/CTN
Wire style With wire
12MM 12V Metal Red LED Indicator Light

So, let’s see, what is the value of Filn 12V metal LED indicator light ?

If you are a retailer, there is no MOQ for more than 1000 kinds of indicator light produced by Filn. You can purchase a small number of different models, including the red indicator light. Moreover, Filn is developing new indicators every month, and all of them are patented, ensuring you have the advantage of product differentiation in your local market, which can greatly increase your profits.

This is also suitable for e-commerce trading companies.If you are a wholesaler, Filn has an automated production line to ensure timely delivery, You can purchase red indicator light at a very low price and good quality.

The production process of the red LED indicator light

  • The first step is to cut off the pins of the LED. If it needs to distinguish the positive and negative poles, you must cut the positive pin first, then cut off the pins of the resistor, and then connect the resistor and the LED with a copper tape machine (Note that the human body must wear an electrostatic bracelet when hitting the copper tape machine, and the machine must also take electrostatic measures. If no electrostatic measures are taken, the LED lamp chip will easily be electrostatically broken during the production process and the LED will not light up, especially those LED that has been broken down and damaged will light up during the test, but their service life will become very short, causing the LED indicators do not light up later.)
  • Next, cut off the LED and resistor pins, and then use a copper tape machine to connect the LED with resistor and wire connection, in order to make the LED, resistor and wire connection more firmly.
  • Then use solder wire to solder the three connection points (note that you must not use rosin solder paste when using solder because rosin solder paste will conduct electricity).
  • Then thread the wires into the base, fix the base and the wires with a machine to ensure that the wires are not easy to fall off, then put on the lamp shade of the LED indicators.
  • Finally, do the power-on test, so that the process of the LED indicators with wires is completed.
Red LED indicator light production

How to ensure the quality of red LED indicator light?

red led indicator light test
  • Filn has professional red LED indicator light laboratory to ensure the quality stability and security of the product.
  • Pressure test bench, there are often metal indicator light leakage, which is a very dangerous thing. If the voltage test is 1800V and last 5 seconds without breakdown, there will be no problem.
  • Proofwater test equipment, it can test the waterproof level of the indicator light.
  • Tensile test equipment, through the test, we can know if the wires and the light are securely connected.
  • Aging test equipment, through the test, we can know the service condition of other component of LED.
  • Material environment protection test equipment.

How to connect the wire with the red LED indicator light?

Firstly, you need ensure that the equipment is not electrified, then start the next step.
Then find the wire  to connect on the equipment, distinguish the zero line of fire, red is the line of fire, blue is the zero line. If you are not sure, you can use an electric pen to test. One end of the electric pen light is the fire line, and the other is the zero line. Remember that never touch directly with your hands.
The next step is to pinch the thread. Once the wire is found, use a small pair of pliers or scissors to pinch the skin of the corresponding wire on the device to expose the longer copper wire. Remember that the leaked copper wire should not be too short, otherwise the connection is not easy to connect.
When ready for wiring, first fix the indicator light on the correct position of the equipment, and then connect the two lines corresponding to the color of the power supply with the positive and negative wires of the indicator light. Don’t forget to pinch the cord off the light cap.
Finally, fixed wiring port with the tap, remember to buy insulating tape, electrician special. Wrap the wire with tape several times and fix it. You’d better pulled the tap tighter and tighter.After connecting the wire to the original place, that is for the good look, the equipment is energizing, try to turn on the equipment, to see if the indicator light is working normally, if the light indicates that the connection is successful, if it is not lit, it means that there is a mistake in one of the above links

red led indicator light wiring

How to purchase the red LED indicator light?

You can write an email to us directly. This red LED indicator light is packed with 50 pieces in a box. The weight of one box is 1.2kg, and there is no MOQ.

If you want to customize the pattern, you can send us an email,. Our delivery time is about 3 days. If you are an American customer, we will send DHL express. Regular products will be delivered to you in 3 days, and customized products will be delivered to you in 6 days.In addition to this 12V metal red  LED indicator light, Filn also produces a variety of types of indicator lights, such as metal indicators, plastic indicators.

If you have any questions about the indicator light, please email us and we will give you a satisfactory reply within 12 hours. E-mail to us

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The material of red LED indicator light
The style of head Plush copper
The plastic material of head PC
The installation style Screw thread style
The metal material of shell Brass, Stainless,Zinc alloy
Lamp type LED
The material of base PA66
Connection type Terminals connection with wire
The material of nut Brass, 10mm nut, 0.75mm screw pitch
The material of waterproof washer Silica gel
The material of gasket Stainless, Iron
The material of resistor Carbon film resistance
The material of wire PVC
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