push button switch
push button switch


Comparing the 2x different 19mm push button switches now available!
New 19mm backlit buttons PROS:

Etching is a brighter more cleaner white.

The etching is very tough durable and scratch resistant even though the center of the button is plastic.

The face is larger giving more space for etching along with being easier to push.

Great factory looking switch as they would be great to just be wired straight up to your dash lights and blend in well with factory switches.

19mm halo black & stainless PROS:

The halo led looks great and these are great to have wired so when switch is pushed the halo will light up and can be seen easily during the day.

The stainless buttons have that nice Billet look which can’t be achieved with the backlit buttons (without looking like a tacky painted silver)

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☆ My wrap up is backlit for the daily and depending on your taste the LED halo buttons for the race car 22mm buttons are also more recommend over the 19mm halo buttons due to being easier to push and having replaceable micro switches and is what our customer using in the car.

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19MM push button switch circuit

  1. Button mounting holesize is 19mm
  2. The waterprooflevel of the button is ip65
  3. The current of the button is 5a 250V.
  4. The button connection method is pin
  5. Button materials have brass nickel plated, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Alloy aluminum materials can oxidize various colors,such as red, green, yellow, blue and black.The apperance is very atmospheric and pretty.
  6. The head of the button has ball head, high head and flat head.
  7. Button switch has self-locking function

Q& A:

Q:What certification does the 19mm button have?

A:The button has ul ccc ce certification etc.

Q:Where is the 19mm button used?

A:19mm is used in automatic machines, electrical products, toy products, etc.

Q:Is the 19mm button sold well?

A:Due to the high cost performance, the buttons are sold very many, and they are best selling on Amazon and eBay.

Q:What is the maximum current of 19mm button?

A:19mm button maximum current can do 10a.

Q:What is the warranty of the 19mm button switch?

A:The warranty of the buttons are 2 years.

Q:Can the button be customized?

A:filn can customize various buttons according to customer’s requestments.

FILN company introduction

Filn is an innovative industrial and trading company integrating r&d, production and sales. The company was founded in 1998 and has 21 years of history. Now the company has three factories and one trading company.

FILN produces indicator lights, button switches, boat switches, guitar switches, touch control system switches, waterproof microswitches and other products.

FILN is the world’s most complete indicator lamp category of a manufacturing company, but also China’s only one has a small indicator lamp UL certificate mainland manufacturers.

In 2008, yueqing feilin trading company was registered to engage in export business.

In 2018, I obtained the indicator light UL certification in the United States and CCC quality certification in China. At the same time, I participated in exhibitions in Singapore, the United States and Germany.

In 2019, a research and development center was set up in shenzhen to develop touch control system switches, and the switch laboratory was established after obtaining the UL certificate for buttons and UL certificate for ship type. At the same time, the company participated in the electronic exhibition in Brazil and the electronic exhibition in Hong Kong.

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