12V LED Indicators Semi Finished Products

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  • Color: Red, blue, green, yellow, white
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12v LED Indicators Description


These 12V LED indicators use 5mm bright LED lamp beads, the colors are red, green, yellow, blue and white, connected to a 1.8k ohm resistor, and connected with a wire, which can be directly used on a 12V input voltage.


Product Parameter Introduction

Items Parameter
Insulation resistance 1000 milliohms
Contact resistance ≤50 milliohms
Cable PTFE AWG22 0.3mm²
Rated voltage 250VAC / 125VAC
Rated current 1A / 3A
Withstand voltage AC1500V(50Hz)/M
Working Life 500,000H
Cold-resistant -25℃
Heat-resisting 80℃

Product Application


The 12v LED indicator has a simple structure, clear light-emitting parts, energy-saving and power-saving, long service life, suitable for all kinds of small household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment, instrumentation, communication equipment, automobiles, motorcycles, photography, toys, refrigerators, Water heaters, freezers, electric welders, generators, medical equipment and other electrical circuits for various light indicator signals, warning signals, accident signals and other signals.

What is the use of Yellow indicator light?

Answers to daily questions


1. Q: What is the direct panel mounting hole of the 12v led indicators? What is the total length dimension?

A: This is a semi-finished product of 12v LED indicators. It can also be used directly in the panel.

The diameter of the LED is 5mm, and the standard wire length is 20cm. You can customize the length of the wire according to your needs.

2. Q: Can 12v LED indicators be customized with wires made of other materials?

A: Yes, we usually use PVC thread, and we can also customize Teflon thread, silicone thread, braided thread, which can meet the needs of some customers in specific places, such as scenes that require high temperature resistance.

Wire can be customized

3. Q: The input voltage of these 12v LED indicators is 12V, can I use it on 220V?

A: If you need 220V input voltage, please contact us. We can change the resistance value and produce 220V especially.

4. Q: Is the material of the nickel-plated part made of metal?

A: Yes, there are copper and nickel-plated metal parts. We also produce plastic nickel-plated parts. The appearance is also beautiful and shiny, and the price is more advantageous.

12V LED Indicators Semi Finished Products

5. Q: What kind of semi-finished 12v LED indicators are used in the largest amount?

A: This application is most commonly used in household water heaters and kitchen equipment fryers, which can achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, and has a longer service life.

6. Q: Which countries use this model the most?

A: Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Germany.

7. Q: This 12v LED indicator is a semi-finished product, do you have a matching base and lampshade?

A: We are a professional manufacturer of equipment indicators.

If you need a complete product, you can contact our professional sales staff to recommend the 12v led indicators you need.

12V LED Indicators Semi Finished Products

8. Q: How long is the warranty period of these 12v LED indicators?

A: The service life of our products is 500,000 times.

If you have quality problems within five years, we will replace you with new 12v LED indicators for free.

Contact us


If you have any inquiries about 12v LED indicators, please feel free to contact us:, our professional sales and service personnel will give you a satisfactory reply within 24H.

If you need customized products, please leave us a message, and professional engineers will help you solve the problem.

We look forward to helping you with the indicator light problem.

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