FILN Participated in Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition

China’s 26th Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition (Canton fair) began on December 12. FILN attended the exhibition and received a total of 463 customers. We listened to the voices of our customers and their use of the product. We negotiated and answered the questions on push button switches, ship switches and indicators one by one.We negotiated and answered the questions on push button switches, ship switches and indicators one by one. Among them, we customized and developed 30 all-waterproof plastic buttons for kitchen equipment, which were welcomed by the market. In this exhibition, 80 percent of the customers used this all-waterproof button switch. The customers reported that this product was waterproof IP68, and also waterproof at the bottom.

FILN participated in guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition
Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition

FILN’s new touch control system, in particular, has been welcomed by customers. The touch control system is mainly used for refrigerator refrigeration, barbecue, freezer, western kitchen and so on. Many customers invited us to visit their factories to observe their production process and product usage. We discussed product upgrade and improvement, and jointly develop new products suitable for customers.

During the 3-day exhibition, FILN reached the agreement with 98 enterprises to develop projects. FILN will have a large number of new products to serve everyone in 2020. As a result, FILN has signed up 98 companies for development projects. In 2020, FILN will have a number of new products for everyone