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New Waterproof Temperature Controlled Switch

  • Model: SDIT-TTC01
  • Voltage: 170-380V
  • Color: red, green, yellow, blue and white
  • Material: Copper, stainless steel, plastic PVC
  • Certification: CE
  • Waterproof grade: IP68
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  • Download PDF: New Waterproof Temperature Controlled Switch

  • Temperaturecontrolled switch features (especially suitable for disinfection cabinet, steamed rice cabinet)

    1. Internal use of switching power supply design, high efficiency and energy saving, standby power consumption is less than 0.3w, and can adapt to AC170 to 390V ultra-wide working voltage
    2. Intelligent circuit design, with perfect protection function
    3. Large knob with indication design, easy to operate, digital display
    4. Optimize the structure design, easy to install and use
Temperature controlled switch technical parameters note
1 AC input 170-380V,47-63Hz;0.3WStandby power consumption is lower than 0.3w Suitable global voltage
2 Measurement of the input One temperature sensor According to the customer’s demand, the corresponding probe type is selected

Temperature control range from -25℃ to 220℃

3 Lack of water detection  one Make sure the ground connection is made
4  two ways to control the output



Heating relay 30A, maximum long break power 3.5kw (resistance)




On/off power is only pure resistance load, if it is inductive or capacitive load of motor, it will be reduced by 50%.

If the customer USES 380V three-phase power, the control box can work normally, but the relay terminal can only be connected to the ac contactor to control the on-off and off-off of 380V three-phase electrical appliances.

Fan relay 16A, maximum long break power 2KW(resistance)
5 temperature resolution ±1℃
6 Temperature hysteresis 2℃
7 work environment -10℃-45℃

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