FILN 12MM Momentary Metal round Push Button Switch

Round push button switch parameters

Production Series FLYM12-BJ-1 Light Guide Button PC plastic
Button Shape round Actuator 304 Stainless steel
Button LED Color Housing Sleeve H59 nickel plated brass
Mechanical Life The 300 thousand time Button pin H62 Copper alloy
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP65 IK09 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 36V DC Housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Rated Current 2A Light Source
Rated Power 36W Resistor Metal film
Operating Temperature -20℃~+55℃ Contact AgCdO12

What is the Round push button switch?

Round push button switch is a switch with a circular appearance that controls the current on and off. Round push button switches are designed to replace parts in your business’s existing electrical equipment.

These items are widely used and convenient. They are compatible with appliances like mixers, dishwashers, and toasters.

In addition to common red and green on and off switches, we offer parts in colors like Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White.

Round push button switch

Parameters of Round push button switch

  • The installation hole diameter of FLYM12-BJ-1 is 12MM, and the installation method is threaded solidification style.
  • The color of Metal round push button switch can be produced in 6 colors including red, green, yellow, blue, white and black. Various colors can be customized according to customer needs.
  • FLYM12-BJ-1 is a reset button without light. This item is a single group, so it has only two legs. When you press the button, the button switch is energized, and when your hand leaves the button, the button switch is powered off.
Advantages of button switch
  • The metal has three materials, each with the following different functions.

The stainless steel has corrosion resistance and can be used in places with harsh environments, such as the seaside, kitchen equipment, outdoors, and so on.

Brass is electroplated and has cost less. It is usually used in test equipment and automation equipment.

The advantage of zinc alloy is that the metal surface can be electroplated in various colors, such as red, green, black and so on. After electroplating, the appearance of the entire button is colored that can be more personalized.

Use scenarios of button switches
  • FLYM12-BJ-1 has no light, so the voltage is both AC and DC. It can be used on 2V, 3V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 380V. The current is 3A. It can be used on machinery with power below 500W.
  • FILN ROUND PUSH BUTTON SWITCH has a mechanical life of 100,000 times, and its waterproof rating is IP65.

How does the round push button switch work?

A momentary round push button switch works by installing the switch on the mechanical equipment. Connect the wires and press the button, the switch will be powering on. When the hand leaves the button, the button switch automatically resets. The switch stops working when the power is cut off.

How to wire the momentary round push button switch?

The wiring method is very simple. You need to detect the positive level of the machine equipment. Connect the positive electrode to one foot on the button, and then connect it from the other foot. As the below picture:

Wiring example:
Normally open wiring method
Press the button to power on the load and release to power off.

Button wiring method

Where to buy FILN round push button switch?

As you need samples for testing, FILN company will provide samples for free.


If you need to customize your round push button switch or directly request button connection, you can write an email to our button technical engineer at We will give you a satisfactory solution.

filn sales-team

If you need a large amount of products, you can directly write an email at to our international trade sales staff. They will give you very good prices and excellent service.


If you just need a small amount of round push button switch, you can place an order directly on FILN will ship the product in a single day.


push button switch application

FILN’s products have passed UL, CE, ROSH, ISO90001 quality management system certification. We have a professional testing laboratory to ensure the quality of the buttons.

The professional R&D technical team can customize various styles of button switches according to your needs.

If you have any questions about the round push button switch, please contact us immediately. We will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

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