Marine Rocker Switch With Wire 20A 220V Waterproof IP68

Marine Rocker Switch With Wire Product Introduction


Yueqing FILN Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of button switches, indicator lights and signal lights. Its products are widely used in machinery, electric power, automation and other industries, and are the first choice for domestic high-end users.

It has advanced and complete production equipment, testing equipment and testing equipment, and has established a unique quality assurance system in strict accordance with the requirements of the IS09001 quality assurance system to ensure that the production process of the products and the various quality tasks of the enterprise are completely under quality control.

Marine Rocker Switch is also called rocker switch and wave switch. Its structure is the same as that of the toggle switch, except that the knob is replaced with a boat shape.

Marine Rocker Switch is usually used as a power switch for electronic equipment. Its contacts are divided into single pole single throw and double pole double throw, and some switches also have indicator lights.

There are some pad printing on its surface. It is very convenient to distinguish the position and state of the rocker work.

The role of the Marine Rocker Switch is the same as that of all other switches. Its role is to cut off and connect the current. On the main circuit, it plays an important role in the AC grid input and DC output processes (including inverter, rectification and filtering).

The role of Marine Rocker Switch in the entire control circuit is, on the one hand, the data provided for the test circuit. After the protection circuit is identified, the control circuit is provided to provide various protection measures for the entire machine.

On the other hand, the sample from the output is compared with the set circuit standard, and then the inverter is controlled to change its frequency or pulse width to achieve stable output. Marine Rocker Switch has a protective effect on current control.

According to size classification, Marine Rocker Switch can be divided into KCD1 series rocker switch, KCD2 series rocker switch, KCD3 series rocker switch, KCD4 series rocker switch, KCD5 series rocker switch.

The Marine Rocker Switch in the picture is a KCD4 direct with line series, our model is KCD4-0125-21_220BR. 0125 refers to the appearance of a large shell, a waterproof case with a frame, and a transparent cover.

21 refers to the ON-OFF function. If you want the ON-OFF-ON function, it is 23. 220 is the voltage of 220V, and B refers to the lamp beads, which uses dual-core LEDs. This lamp beads do not need to distinguish between positive and negative poles. Very convenient to use.

The last R refers to the color, red. The current can reach 20A.

What is a waterproof Marine Rocker Switch? It is designed based on an ordinary ship-type switch with a waterproof function, so it can prevent water from entering the Marine Rocker Switch when it is used outdoors and on water.

FILN company started product and design KCD4 waterproof switch series in 2016. It is very popular worldwide, especially in the UAS market.

Marine Rocker Switch Q&A

Q: How many functions does Marine Rocker Switch have?

A: Seven kinds of ON-OFF, ON-OFF-ON, ON-ON, ON-(ON), (ON)-OFF-(ON), ON-(OFF), ON-OFF-(ON) can be done in features.


Q: How many colors are available for Marine Rocker Switch?

A: Five colors are available, red, yellow, blue, green and white. Can also be made without lights.


Q: In addition to the direct connection method of the Marine Rocker Switch, is there any other connection method?

A: It can also be used for screw pin connection, and it can also be used as a ship-type switch with a direct cable. The final version can be equipped with a terminal and the cable length is arbitrary.


Q: What are the installation dimensions of the marine rocker switch with wire?

A: There are three sizes to choose from, such as 28*22, 30*22, 31*22mm.


Q: What is the available voltage range of marine rocker switch with wire?

A: This switch can be used for 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 380V and other voltages.


Q: What related certifications has our company made for marine rocker switch with wire?

A: There are CE, ROHS and other related certifications, and some other products of our company also have related UL certificates.


Q: How many kinds of pad printing content can be on the Marine Rocker Switch panel?

A: Marine rocker switch with wire has different printing methods: I/O, II/O/I, which means ON-OFF, ON-OFF-ON, or ON-ON function.


Marine rocker switch with wire is used in water dispensers, treadmills, computer speakers, battery cars, motorcycles, ion televisions, coffee pots, power strips, massage machines, etc., mainly for household appliances.

The life test method of marine rocker switch with wire

Mainly test the number of openings and closing until it is damaged. If you do not need to manually use a small motor to drive the eccentric opening and closing switch, use a counter to record the number of times. This switch requires safety certification. If the product is sold in China, CQC is used. If it is sold abroad, it depends on the specific country where it is sold, such as the United States UL, Canada CUL, and European countries that have VDE, ENEC, TUV and other safety certifications.

Some information about soldering: The immersion temperature of the terminal soldering part is 260±5 °C in the melting tin furnace for 3±1 seconds. In manual soldering iron soldering, the soldering temperature is 350±5℃, and the soldering time is 3±1 seconds. Do not apply pressure to the terminals during welding.

There are some technical requirements:
1. The body is not significantly deformed;
2. The mechanical performance and electrical performance tests are qualified.

Information about some operating forces: The marine rocker switch with wire is placed perpendicular to the operating direction, and force is applied to one side of the button to measure the maximum force required to open the switch.

Some information about solder ability: Insert the terminal into a molten tin bath at a temperature of 235±5 °C and a time of 3±0.5 seconds. There are technical requirements: 90% of the immersed part is covered by tin.

Some information about withstanding voltage: It only takes 10 seconds to work between the pins under DC500V; it only takes 10 seconds to work between the pins and the case under DC500V. There are technical requirements: no faults or flashovers.

For this marine rocker switch with wire, if you have any other questions, please contact our email directly: .

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Product Item KCD4-201W-5N
Panel Mount Diameter 22*30mm
Contact Way With wire
Install Way Buckle
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage 3v, 5v, 6v, 12v, 24v,13v, 110v, 120v, 220v, 240v, 250v, 380v
Lamp Color Red,white,blue,green,black,yellow
Shell Material brass plated nickel
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment etc
Current 15A,20A,30A
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