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Luminous Switch Audio Video Console Button Switch With Light LED Tact Switch 5A

  • Keywords: Luminous Switch
  • Rating: 0.5A,100VAC;0.2A,250VAC;0.5A,25VDC
  • Contact Resistance: Silver contact:50 MΩ MAX
  • Insulation Resistance: 500VFC,100 MΩ MIN
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~85℃
  • Operating Force: 200±100gf.(1P2T)
  • Operating Life: 200,000 cycles

Luminous Switch Audio Video Console Button Switch With Light LED Tact Switch 5A


The light color of the Luminous switch can be customized, and different lights can meet different usage scenarios.

The luminous switch is a kind of weak current electronic switch used under safe voltage (36V). The principle of use of the product is: lightly tap the switch button to turn on the switch, and the switch will turn off when the hand is released. The structure is switched on and off by the force of the metal shrapnel.

The luminous switch has been widely used in household appliances such as audio-visual products, digital products, remote controls, communication products, household appliances, etc., due to its low contact resistance, clear hand feeling when pressed, and complete height specifications. Security products, toys, computer products, fitness equipment, medical equipment, money detector pens, audio equipment, laser pen buttons, etc.

But the light touch switch also has its shortcomings. Frequent pressing will cause the metal shrapnel to fatigue and lose its elasticity and fail. Therefore, the buttons of most electrical appliances are directly replaced by conductive rubber or metal shrapnel for pot switches, such as computer keyboards and remote controls.

Luminous switch connection characteristics

Luminous switch low-voltage rectifier and filter circuit: The pulsating voltage after the high-frequency transformer step-down also needs to be rectified and filtered by diodes and capacitors, and the capacitor used in the rectifier part must not have too much AC impedance, otherwise it cannot be filtered out, Therefore, the selected capacitor should not only have a large capacity but also have a lower AC resistance. In addition, you can also see one or two large inductance coils with magnetic cores, which are filtered out together with the filter capacitor. The high-frequency AC component ensures the output of pure DC power. Press the shrapnel to connect the printed circuit.

How important is the selection method of Luminous switch?

A good zone light touch switch is also very important to the life of the entire product. Such as computer keyboard, remote control and so on.

If it is a low-quality light-touch switch, the metal shrapnel will lose its elasticity and become invalid after frequent pressing. Therefore, the choice of Luminous switch is very important.

The main factors affecting the quality of the waterproof tact switch are the protection, conduction reliability, life, feel, production process and installation dimensions of the waterproof tact switch.

Luminous switch power test

1. Temperature drift: The change of the ambient temperature affects the change of the parameters of the components, which causes the voltage regulator output voltage to change. The temperature coefficient is commonly used to indicate the size of the temperature drift.
2. Absolute temperature coefficient: a temperature change of 1 degree Celsius causes a change in the output voltage UoT, the unit is V/°C or millivolt per degree Celsius.
3. Relative temperature coefficient: the relative change of output voltage UoT/Uo caused by a temperature change of 1 degree Celsius, the unit is V/°C

Luminous switch, little knowledge:

Introduction to Switching Power Supply

Low-power switching power supplies are widely used in many electronic products such as measurement and control instrumentation, communication equipment, learning and entertainment, etc. with their many excellent performances.

With the increasingly prominent environmental and energy issues, people continue to increase environmental requirements for electronic products and pay more attention to the energy efficiency of electronic products. Designing pollution-free, low-power, high-efficiency green mode power supplies have become a hot spot in the research of switching power supply technology

One of the medium and small power switching power supplies uses advanced power control technologies such as transition mode active power factor correction, quasi-resonant variable power isolation conversion control, and synchronous rectification to achieve the purpose of green switching power supply design.

The basic structure of switching power supply

All things must follow the law of conservation of energy, and switching power supplies are no exception. In fact, switching power supplies are also completed by transferring energy in the form of energy.

From the energy point of view, switching power supply can be divided into DC switching power supply mode and AC switching power supply mode. DC switching power supply mode mainly outputs DC signal power, while AC switching power supply mode mainly outputs AC signal power. The DC switching power supply mode is the current mainstream model.

Control circuit and control circuit and other modules.

The AC and DC input voltage is passed through the LC filter, then the bridge rectifier and the bus electrolytic capacitor are smoothed to become a DC voltage, and then converted by the DC/DC converter, and then filtered by the diode rectifier and electrolytic capacitor to the output, in order to enable the circuit It becomes a closed-loop operation, and a control circuit is drawn at the output end, and then the amplifying circuit is transferred to the duty ratio control circuit to the DC/DC converter to form a closed loop. Duty ratio control circuit in the representation method of the duty ratio.

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