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Boat Rocker Switch Product Introduction


Yueqing FILN Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of button switches, indicator lights and signal lights. Its products are widely used in machinery, electric power, automation and other industries, and are the first choice for domestic high-end users. It has advanced and complete production equipment, testing equipment and testing equipment, and has established a unique quality assurance system in strict accordance with the requirements of the IS09001 quality assurance system to ensure that the production process of the products and the various quality tasks of the enterprise are completely under quality control.

Boat Rocker Switch is also called rocker switch. Its structure is the same as that of a toggle switch, except that the handle of the button is replaced with a boat shape. Rocker switches are often used as power switches for electronic equipment. Their contacts are divided into single-pole single-throw and double-pole double-throw. Some switches also have indicator lights.

Boat Rocker Switch is used in water dispensers, treadmills, computer speakers, battery cars, motorcycles, ion televisions, coffee pots, power strips, massage machines, etc., mainly for household appliances.

There are many types of Boat Rocker Switch, including two gears with four pins, third gears with six pins, second gears with two pins, third gears with three pins, second gears with three pins, second gears with six pins, upper circle bottom, full circle boat switch, etc. It can be divided into light and non-lighted styles, and can also be divided into waterproof and non-waterproof Boat Rocker Switch. Its current is conventionally 16A, but now we can upgrade it to 30A. The shell shape of the rocker switch is also divided into a large shell and a small shell. The one with two ears on the side is a large shell with a size of 30*22mm. On the side is an ear is a small shell, the size is 28*22mm.

The Boat Rocker Switch in the picture is a two-stage four-pin ON-OFF non-waterproof switch, with red light, 250V, large case size, and four 6.3 terminal pins (two middle feet, two corners). It can be seen from the picture that the shell of this rocker switch is divided into upper and lower parts, which are separated in shape. With this design, it is hoped that its current can reach 30A.

Boat Rocker Switch function

Single pole single throw: 1 moving contact and 1 static contact. Only 1 channel.

Single pole double throw: 1 moving contact and 2 static contacts, (the static contacts on both sides can be connected respectively).

Double pole single throw, 2 moving contacts and 2 static contacts, with 2 channels.

Double pole double throw, 2 moving contacts and 4 static contacts, 4 channels (can be connected to 2 static contacts on both sides respectively).

Boat Rocker Switch related technical parameters

1. Rated working voltage, current: 3A/6A/15A 250V
2. Operating temperature range: -25℃~+85℃
3. Contact resistance: ≤200mΩ

Test method for the life of Boat Rocker Switch

Mainly test the number of openings and closing until it is damaged. If you do not need to manually use a small motor to drive the eccentric opening and closing switch, use a counter to record the number of times! This switch requires safety certification is necessary. If the product is sold in China, use CQC. Which country is the specific sales destination, such as UL in the United States, CUL in Canada, and European countries have VDE, ENEC, TUV and other safety certifications

Boat Rocker Switch failure problem

Boat Rocker Switch, the kind that is very common when the red light turns on. Sometimes it can’t be turned off, just can’t bounce back, and it often jumps to the air switch failure.

The method to solve the fault:

There is a metal piece inside the Boat Rocker Switch with a spring fulcrum in the middle. The spring displacement and the aging and deformation of the plastic bracket make the switch inflexible. You can disassemble it after the power is turned off and have a look. If the plastic part is not damaged, it may be restored. The neutral wire inside the switch is straight-through, which has nothing to do with the switch components. Therefore, if the switch jumps to the air switch, the insulation layer of the neutral wire of the switch is damaged. You can cut off the damaged section and reconnect the wiring. Pay attention to the insulation to ensure. It may also be that the pin of the indicator light is short-circuited, just re-wiring.


Q&A about Boat Rocker Switch


Q: How many colors can Boat Rocker Switch make?

A: Five colors are available, red, yellow, blue, green and white. Can also be made without lights.


Q: In addition to the pin connection method, is there any other wiring method for Boat Rocker Switch?

A: It can also be used for screw pin connection, and it can also be used as a ship-type switch with a direct cable. The final version can be equipped with a terminal and the cable length is arbitrary.


Q: Can the company logo be printed on the Boat Rocker Switch panel?

A: No problem, you can transfer printing according to the content requested by the customer.


Q: What is the voltage range of Boat Rocker Switch?

A: This switch can be used for 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 380V and other voltages.


Q: What related certifications has our company made for Boat Rocker Switch?

A: There are CE, ROHS and other related certifications, and some other products of our company also have related UL certificates.


Q: If you make a waterproof Boat Rocker Switch, how much waterproof level can it achieve?

A: If you make a waterproof Boat Rocker Switch, a waterproof frame will be built inside to make the internal installation tighter, and the waterproof level can reach IP68.


Q: Is there a MOQ requirement for Boat Rocker Switch?

A: FILN is a direct factory that produces waterproof rocker switches, so there is no MOQ limit, and you can order from 1 piece.


Q: Which materials and styles are available for the cover of Boat Rocker Switch?

A: It can be used as a PC transparent cover, PC opaque cover, spray-painted black cover, spray-painted silver cover, stainless steel cover, etc.

For this Boat Rocker Switch, if you have any other questions, please contact our email directly: [email protected] or log in to our website:

FILN company began to produce and design the waterproof rocker switch series in 2016, the KCD4 waterproof series, which is warmly welcomed by the market in the world, especially in the United States. The push button switch with an indicator on the website has a very complete variety. If there is no style you want on it, You can also contact us directly, we are very happy to accept customized products.

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Product Item KCD4-0301-21
Panel Mount Diameter 22*30mm
Contact Way With wire
Install Way Buckle
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage 3v, 5v, 6v, 12v, 24v,13v, 110v, 120v, 220v, 240v, 250v, 380v
Lamp Color Red,white,blue,green,black,yellow
Shell Material brass plated nickel
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment etc
Current 20A,30A
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