2 Types Of LED Indicators You Must Know For Your Business

The first type is a metal LED indicator light


In fact, you must have seen a lot of metal indicator lights in your life. The indicators we produce generally use LED lamp beads. This type of LED indicator is also the most popular in the market.

1. Specifications of metal indicator light

The specifications of LED metal indicators are generally from 8 mm to 22 mm, mainly to adapt to the aperture of most panel indicators on the market. For some special apertures, we can customize and produce a LED indicator suitable for you.

We provide customers with the most specifications of metal indicator lights of 10 mm, 12 mm and 14 mm sizes. These indicators are also our highest-produced LED indicators.

Voltage: Indicator voltage can be 3V6V 12V 24V110V 220V 380V etc.

Life: The service life of LED is 50,000 hours.

LED indicator light

2. How to install the metal indicator light

The indicator lights used on most devices are fixed on the panel of the device by nuts so that they can be installed on the device more firmly without displacement or falling from the outside.

3. Wiring mode of metal indicator light

The LED indicators we usually provide you are all PVC positive marking lines. This kind of line is UL1007 standard. The positive and negative poles are also distinguished by the color of the PVC line, which can make you install faster.

The length of the PVC line is usually 10 cm for you. According to the different requirements of each customer, we can customize the length; there is also a pin connection method for the indicator light. This kind of indicator light does not have a PVC positive marking line. It uses brass pins, which are equivalent to a male end, and the interface on the device is equivalent to a female end. So that the LED indicator can be connected more quickly.

indicator light

4. Accessories for metal indicator lights

In order to allow you to better install the indicator light, a gasket, a nut and a waterproof ring are included in the packaging of all LED indicators; the waterproof ring is to prevent accidental splashing and reduce the problems caused by rain on the indicator.

The washer and nut are for you to install this LED indicator more firmly, as long as these three accessories are installed, the indicator light on your device can have a longer life. (Indicators above 16 mm do not include gaskets).

metal indicator lights

5. Light color selection of metal indicator light

Usually, five colors are provided for you, namely red, yellow, blue, green and white. For production needs, some customers can only install one indicator on the panel but need to display two colors. We can also achieve two-color LED indicators, and even produce three-color LED indicators; The understanding is very thorough. These are no longer difficult problems for us. Solving more problems for you is what we need to do in the future.

metal indicator lightss

6. Application of metal indicator light

There are a lot of information interactions in life. For example, when you drive a car on the road and need to turn left, you turn on your left turn signal and tell the vehicles behind you that you are turning left. This kind of turn signal flashes to you. The message that you want to change lanes from the car behind is a kind of information interaction.

Installing our LED indicators on different devices is also to enable this kind of information interaction; for example, on a hot water machine, you need a glass of water at 80℃, but you don’t know what temperature the water you are receiving will be at this time. Turn on the switch and find that the indicator light is lit green, indicating that the temperature has reached the temperature you set before, so you can safely receive the water.

Indicator lights are very versatile and are usually used in The coffee machine, The water heater, water dispenser, Baked Fried furnace, Meat grinder, automation, Test equipment, Disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, Barbecues, Cleaning machine, Food machinery, The freezer, A blender, blender, The fault, Modified car, Shoe machine, Refrigeration equipment, Insulated rice stand, cooking stove……

The coffee machine

7. Symbol metal indicator light

It is worth mentioning that we are also good at producing metal LED indicators with symbols. We can produce all kinds of symbol indicators. All you need to do is send the symbols and patterns you need, and we can all make what you want. LED indicator. The most symbolic indicator lights are used in automobile production.

The faults that occur during the use of the automobile can be communicated through the indicator lights of different symbols, which can highlight the problems encountered by the automobile more directly and clearly, which is really very practical. An application. If I have the opportunity, I can introduce to you the meaning of various car symbols.

Symbol metal indicator light


The second type is a panel indicator light


plastic indicator light

1. The difference between plastic indicator light and metal indicator light

The specifications, installation methods, wiring methods of the plastic indicator light are almost the same as the metal LED indicator light. The metal indicator light can do the same functions as the plastic indicator light, and it has more advantages in price.

The biggest difference is that the shell used in the plastic indicator light is made of high-quality ABS material, which has a certain flame retardant ability.

2. How to install the plastic indicator

Because the shell is made of high-quality materials, the plastic indicator can be installed with a snap-in method in addition to the same threaded installation as the metal LED indicator. This is also a very quick installation method. You only need to open the hole. The plastic indicator light can be firmly installed on the panel of the device by pressing the plastic indicator light, which may speed up the production efficiency of the device for you at the same time.



To sum up

Whether these two types of indicators are metal LED indicators or plastic indicators, we will check our indicator products from your perspective, just to provide you with more suitable indicators.

In the indicator light industry, we really have accumulated rich manufacturing experience in this industry, and have solved many problems, but we still can’t satisfy this. It’s our dream to develop more distinctive indicator lights. You can also consult us if you encounter indicator problems, and we are happy to use our capabilities to help you solve the indicator problems you encounter, and look forward to your consultation.

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