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LED Indicator Lamp New Short 6MM Metal Indicator 12-380V

  • Mode: FL1M-06
  • Voltage: 2V, 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V, 380V
  • Color: Red/Green/Yellow/Blue/White
  • Material: Brass
  • Certification: CE, CCC, RoSH, IP67, UL
  • Waterproof grade: IP67, IP68
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An indicator light, also known as a indicator lamp or signal light, is a small light fixture used to provide visual indication or signaling in a variety of applications.

It typically consists of a bulb or LED light-emitting diode encased in a metal housing with a colored lens or cap that helps to increase the visibility of the light.

Indicator lights are commonly used in a variety of devices and systems to communicate information, status, or warnings to users.

Indicator Lamp Application:

Indicator lamps, also known as pilot lamps or signal lamps, find extensive applications across various fields. Here are some specific scenarios where they are commonly used:

  1. Electronic devices and circuit boards: Indicator lamps are frequently employed on electronic devices and circuit boards to indicate power status, operational status, or the activation of specific functions. Examples include power indicators, charging indicators, and status indicators on devices like televisions, audio systems, and computers.
  2. Automotive and transportation: Indicator lights are crucial in vehicles to provide information about vehicle status. They include turn signal indicators, brake lights, and malfunction indicators, ensuring drivers and other road users are aware of the vehicle’s intentions or issues.
  3. Mechanical equipment and control panels: Indicator lamps are utilized in mechanical equipment and industrial control systems to monitor machine status, work progress, or issue alarms. They indicate whether a machine is on or off, display operational status, and alert for faults or warnings.
  4. Instrumentation and control panels: Indicator lamps serve various display and indication functions in instrument panels and control panels. They can be warning lights, indicator lights, or status lights, providing information about levels, temperatures, pressures, and other critical parameters.
  5. Laboratory instruments and equipment: In scientific laboratories, medical devices, or industrial instruments, indicator lamps are used to show equipment status, operating instructions, or warning messages. They can be found as operation indicators in laboratory equipment, alarm indicators in medical devices, and more.

The specific application range of indicator lamps depends on their design and function. Indicator lamps may come in different shapes, colors, and indication methods, tailored to suit the specific needs and standards of different industries and applications.

12MM 12V Metal Red LED Indicator Light

FILN Indicator Light Factory

FILN is a professional indicator light manufacturer with 20 years of production experience. They can provide various types and sizes of indicator lights to meet customer needs.

In addition to standard indicator lights, FILN can also customize various styles of indicator lights according to customer requirements.

Their professional team works with customers to manufacture customized indicator lights according to customer design requirements and specifications to ensure customer satisfaction.

LED indicator light manufacturer

FILN’s Manufacturing Process and Quality Assurance


FILN has advanced equipment and ISO90001 production process to ensure product quality. Their manufacturing process includes raw material procurement, production, testing and quality control.

In the production process, they use precision equipment and technology to ensure the quality and performance of each indicator light.

In addition, they also have a professional testing laboratory team that fully tests and verifies each indicator light, including electrical performance, optical performance and waterproof performance, to ensure that each two color indicator light meets customer requirements and standards.

These tests and verifications are a part of FILN Indicator Light Factory’s production process to ensure the quality and performance of each dual-color indicator light.

The conducted tests ensure the stability and reliability of the electrical characteristics, optical characteristics, and waterproof performance of the indicator lights.

FILN’s Customer Service

FILN pays attention to customer service and provides timely consultation and support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customers can contact their customer service team through various ways such as phone, email, online chat and website contact form. No matter what questions or needs customers have, FILN’s customer service team will try their best to provide the best solution and support.

Indicator light button switch salesperson

In summary, FILN is a professional indicator light manufacturer with 20 years of production experience.

They provide various types of and sizes of indicator lights, and can also customize different styles of indicator lights according to customer requirements.

FILN has advanced equipment, professional manufacturing process and testing laboratory team to ensure product quality and performance.

At the same time, FILN pay attention to customer service and provide timely consultation and support. If you have any questions, you can contact FILN at

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