Very Excited, The KCD4 Rocker Switch Sold For The First Time

As a new person in foreign trade, The relationship with our company’s products can be described the most familiar stranger. When I see a product, I know its name, but just know its name.

KCD4 rocker switch is very popular.

After two months of no progress, I finally landed my first order, even though it’s just a free sample order. But before looked around the fellows have been more or less to talk about the order and delivery express, my mood is still very excited. After that, I became very interested in our product—the rocker switch.

There are many types of rocker switches in our company, but the best-selling model is KCD4 Rocker switch.

Transparent cover, painted cover or stainless steel cover, there will always be one that customers like best. ON OFF, ON OFF ON, which one would a customer choose? What products are copper contacts suitable for and what are the advantages of silver contacts?

In order to better recommend the KCD4 Rocker switch to customers, most of my work is watching KCD4 Rocker switch PPT, go to the KCD4 Rocker switch workshop and ask the workers or do it by myself. Maybe it’s luck, this week I’ve had a few customers ask me or ask me to recommend the rocker switch. Though there are little errors in my answers sometimes, it also answers the questions that customers want to know.

Next I want to put a picture of my lucky product. If you are my customers, should I ask you some these questions as below?

KCD4 rock switch

  1. Which color do you need? Red, yellow, blue, green. White
  2. What is the voltage of your ideal lamp?
  3. Could you tell me how many you want?
  4. Waterproof or not?

I wonder if you are interested in our products? If so, please kindly and welcome to find me, and we can explore the mystery of different products.

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