10MM Momentary High Head PA Plastic PushButton Switches

Pushbutton switches parameters

Production Series PA-314
The keys PC plastic
The shell PC plastic
pin H62
nut PC plastic
housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Button color Red, yellow, blue,

green, white, black

Rated voltage 250V AC
rated current 3A AC

What is the plastic pushbutton switch?

The description of the product.

The mounting hole size of this plastic push button switch is 10mm, and the model is PA-316. But our metal push button have other specification sizes like 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 40mm, etc. There are relatively few choices of plastic pushbutton switches.

The material of the metal push-button is divided into three kinds of copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy.

The cost of copper is relatively low, the stainless steel is corrosion resistant, and the appearance of zinc alloy can be electroplated in a variety of different colors.

The key and housing sleeves of the push button switches are made of PC plastic, which can greatly reduce the cost, and its high temperature resistance is 160 degrees.

Besides, its usage environment temperature is from minus 25 degrees to 80 degrees.

push button switch material

The pushbutton switches are designed with no lamp, only have 2 switch pins, it also has the function of self-reset and self-locked.

The key can achieve six colors, such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, black, etc.

The current of the push button switches is 3A/250V AC. The mechanical life of the push button switches is 50,000 times.

The mini LED push button switch had passed the certifications of CE.

colors push button switches

How do pushbutton switches work?

The pushbutton switches are manually controlled master ordering appliances.

They are mainly used to issue operation commands, turn on or off the control circuit, and control the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment.

The push button’s working principle is very easy, for the normally open contact when the push button is not pressed, the circuit is disconnected, when the push button is pressed, the normally open contact is connected and the circuit is connected.

For the normally closed contact, when the push button is not pressed, the contact is closed, when the push button is pressed, the contact is disconnected and the circuit is also disconnected.

A button can have multiple pairs of simultaneous contacts due to the control circuit operation.

push Button switches application

How do the pushbutton switches control the light?

The reason why the product can control the lamp switch is that they form a circuit by wiring.

The push-button’s wiring only has 2 pins, one is connected to the power, the other pin is connected to the device.

This can form a circuit to control the lights on the device with a button switch, please refer to the below specific wiring method.

How to wire the pushbutton switches?

The normally open wiring way, then press the push button, the load is powered on, when release the push button, the load is powered off.

The wiring method is as follows, C pin is connected to the power’s positive pole, NO pin is connected to the device’s positive pole, the device’s negative pole is connected to the power’s negative pole.

How to wire the push button switch

What do the pushbutton switches used?

The product most used in dispenser, treadmill, computer speaker, battery car, motorcycle, ion TV, coffee pot, row plug, massage machine, etc., mainly includes home appliances.

push button switch application

How to buy the right pushbutton switches?

First, you need to confirm the opening size on the device, in order to prevent the push button is not matching the opening size.

Then you need to consider the material of the pushbutton switches, metal material and plastic material push buttons have different usage scenarios, you have to make a choice depending on the actual use.

Last is the function of the push button switches, you need self-reset or self-locked, with light or without light, etc.

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