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Halo Push Button Switch Indicator 25MM Stainless Steel

Halo Push Button Switch Indicator 25MM Stainless Steel

Product Drawings:

The surface of the traditional metal pushbutton switch is flat, in the light of day is able to see and operate the device, but in the dim environment can be very find this button, on the operation of a certain degree of difficulty.

FILN, like most push button manufacturers, has developed its own halo push button switch, which is a type of push button switch with a ring of illuminated lights, a type of push button that has a ring of LED lights around the metal button.

When energized, halo emits a bright light, which can be seen at a glance when mounted on the device, and also enhances the appearance of the device to a more attractive degree.

Product Parameters:

Production Series FLM25-FJ-1 Light Guide Button PC plastic
Button Shape round Actuator 304 Stainless steel
Button LED Color Red blue green yellow white Housing Sleeve H59 nickel plated brass/304Stainless steel
Mechanical Life The 500 thousand time Button Pin H62 copper alloy
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP67 IK08 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 220V(AC) Housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Rated Current 3A Light Source LED
Rated Power 660W Resistor Metal film
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃ Contact AgCdO12

FILN Pushbutton Switch Customization

The halo push button switch can be used in different application scenarios, such as video games, elevators, ships and so on.

Sturdy and durable: FILN halo push button switch is made of metal as the housing of the switch, and the interior is positive stop design, which is able to withstand higher intensity of pressing, and the service life is extended.

Waterproof: The panel of halo push button switch can reach the highest IP67 waterproof standard, which can be used in wet or underwater environment. Although there is a ring-shaped light-emitting aperture around it, it is tightly packed inside and effectively waterproof.

More aesthetics: halo push button switches are available in a variety of different colors and can be customized with any symbols such as characters or logos to increase the visual effect and recognition, FILN also produces two-color halo push button switches and three-color halo push button switches. FILN can also produce two-color and three-color halo push button switches.

Easy installation: halo push button switch can be used together with button connectors during installation, FILN can provide you with matching button connectors for easy installation and replacement of buttons.

Push Button Switch Wiring Method:

The Enhanced Halo Pushbutton Switch with LED Indicator offers reliable performance and customization options to meet specific requirements. Below are some basic details about this switch:

  • Warranty: Metal Pushbutton LED Indicator Pushbutton Switches have a 5 year warranty. For added quality, FILN offers customization options with a service life of up to 700,000 cycles. If any problem occurs during the warranty period, please contact FILN’s after-sales technical team at and we will provide prompt assistance within 12 hours.
  • CURRENT RATING: This 12mm metal pushbutton switch operates at a relatively low current of less than 2A.To ensure longevity, it is recommended that the current be kept below 3A as higher currents may significantly reduce the lifespan to approximately 1,000 cycles.
  • Purchase Information: To purchase LED Indicator Pushbutton Switches, you can send an inquiry by using the message function below.FILN also provides dedicated sales representatives to provide professional responses. For extensive factory use, you can contact FILN’s sales team to ensure a response within 24 hours.
  • Customized Service: FILN has a team of more than 10 professional R&D engineers who specialize in customizing various types of pushbutton switches with different functions. They can meet your specific needs and provide OEM services including logo labeling. From conceptual design to tooling and sample production, FILN can complete the development process of a new pushbutton switch in less than 30 days. By investing in tooling and R&D costs, FILN can offer exclusive rights to use and sell, increasing your competitiveness and profitability.

FILN’s enhanced halo pushbutton switches with LED indicators combine reliable performance, extended customization options, and a dedicated support team to effectively meet your specific requirements.

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Introducing the FILN 22MM Halo Push Button Switch:

The FILN halo push button switch with LED Indicator is an upgraded version of a push button switch that incorporates an insulated base, a signal light assembly, and a push button switch with an LED indicator assembly.

The switch’s design aims to simplify structure, save space, enhance production efficiency, reduce material usage, and lower overall product cost.

Key Features

Insulated Base: The halo push button switch includes an insulated base that provides the foundation for signal lamp assemblies and push button switches with LED indicator assemblies.

High quality LED beads: FILN uses high quality LED beads, the halo push button switch lights up beautifully, the color of the light can be customized by you, our R&D team can adjust the color spectrum according to your requirements.

PUSHBUTTON SWITCH WITH LED INDICATOR ASSEMBLY: The assembly includes a pushbutton switch with an LED indicator, a static contact, a pushbutton, a movable contact, a locking device, and a reaction spring. The movable contact is located above the static contact and the locking device is located below the movable contact.

ENHANCED SEALING: The utility model is fully sealed to ensure that the pushbutton switch with LED indicator is protected from dust and moisture. The addition of a glue seal and improved metal housing construction improves the sealing reliability of the switch.

COMPACT DESIGN: The pushbutton switch with LED indicator adopts a compact housing, which consists of a key cover body, a spring, a base body, a pusher, a self-locking seat body and a movable contact piece. The design takes up little space and is small in size.

Combined with these features, the Enhanced Halo Pushbutton Switch with LED Indicator offers increased performance, reliable sealing, and a compact design for a wide variety of applications requiring a pushbutton switch.

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