Guitar switch factory and new product introduction

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New guitar with a light switch start formal global sales before the guitar switch is not to bring more light, in order to be closer to the customer individuality demand, FILN designed a guitar with line with lamp switch, mounted on a sound effect on very bright spot, when people are very happy to play the music, whenever I see a guitar with lamp switch can trample down, is very convenient.

This guitar switch with light has a hole of 16MM, with 5 monochromatic colors of red, yellow, green, blue and white, as well as two colors of red, green, red and blue. It is very convenient to use. The light is led out by the wire, and the welding wire is also very convenient

Accessory name material
button Aluminum alloy
Sleeve Zinc alloy
Stud Copper alloy
Swing rod Zinc alloy
Iron shell stainless steel
Midfoot footboard Copper alloy
lampshade PC
shell PBT
Base PBT
support POM
circuit board PCB
Lamp beads led

Electrical performance:

Project Test Conditions Skills requirement
6.1 Switch rating 250V2A/125V5A
6.2 Lamp rating White light 3V20mA/red light 2V20mA/green light/3V20mA blue light 3V20mA/yellow light 2V20mA
6.3 Insulation resistance A DC500V was applied between the copper legs and between the copper legs and the outer casing, measured after one minute. ≥100MΩ
6.4 Withstand voltage Apply AC2000V between the copper foot and the outer casing, 0.5mA, 10 seconds; No breakdown or flashover.
6.5 Electrical durability Underrated load, it is operated 30 times per minute for a total of 10,000 operations. 1. Appearance and feel are acceptable;

2. Contact resistance ≤ 2Ω;

3. The pressure test is qualified.

7 Mechanical behavior:
7.1 Operating force The switch is placed perpendicular to the direction of operation, applying a force on one side of the button to measure the maximum force required to turn the switch on. 10-20N according to customer requirements.
7.2 Copper foot strength A 60 N static load was applied to the top of the copper foot for an inward push for 60 seconds. The terminal has no damage, falls off, and the switch function works normally.
7.3 Solderability The copper feet were immersed in a molten tin bath at a temperature of 235 ± 5 ° C for a time of 3 ± 0.5 seconds. More than 90% of the surface of the immersed portion is covered with tin.
7.4 Resistance to soldering heat The welded portion of the copper foot was immersed in a molten tin furnace at a temperature of 260 ± 5 ° C for 3 ± 1 second. 1. The body has no obvious deformation;

2. Mechanical performance, electrical performance test qualified.

Manual soldering iron welding, welding temperature 350 ± 5 ° C, welding time 3 ± 1 second. Do not apply pressure to the copper feet during welding.
8 Mechanical behavior:
8.1 High-temperature resistance It was allowed to stand in an environment of 85 ± 2 ° C for 72 hours, and then placed in a natural environment for 1 hour and then tested. 1. Appearance and feel are acceptable;

2. Contact resistance ≤ 2Ω;

3. The pressure test is qualified;

Qualified mechanical performance.

8.2 Heat and humidity resistance It was placed at 40 ± 2 ° C, humidity 91% – 95% RH for 96 hours, and then placed in a natural environment for 1 hour and tested.
8.3 Low-temperature resistance It was allowed to stand in an environment of -25 ± 2 ° C for 12 hours, and then placed in a natural environment for 1 hour and then tested.
8.4 Temperature alternation The temperature was alternated according to the temperature and time shown in the figure, and the test was carried out 5 times in a row and then placed in the natural environment for 1 hour.

The sheet pictured about 19mm guitar switch without wires.

And mounting hole size.

Guitar switch factory and new product introductionGuitar switch factory and new product introduction

Our guitar switch can be with or without light,And guitar switch base color can be black and blue,

Guitar switch have different color caps as pictures show.It include five colors:yellow,red,blue,black,green.

Guitar switch factory and new product introduction