FILN Mini 12MM 2PIN Momentary Push Button Machine Switch

Introduction of 12MM push button machine switch


1.12 mm metal button switch has two functions: self-locking and self-resetting.

2.The 12 mm metal button has six different shapes: a high head without light, a flat head without light, a flat head with a power symbol, a high head with a power symbol, a flathead ring light, high head ring light.

3. The metal button switch has two styles with light and without light.

4. The metal button switch with light has five colors of red, yellow, blue, green and white.

5. The voltage of the metal button switch is 3v 5v 6v 12v 24v 110v 220v 380v and so on.

6. The current of the metal button switch is usually 12V 2A 250V 1A.

7. Button link mode is the pin connection mode.

8. Application fields: car modification, motorcycle modification, computer modification, access control switch, home appliance button, industrial control instrument.


Below is the question and answer to push button machine switch:

1: What is the shell material of the push button machine switch?

The push button machine switch is made of stainless steel, nickel-plated brass and alloy aluminum.


2: What is the waterproof rating of the push button machine switch?

The push button machine switch is waterproof to IP65.


3: Why are there three materials for the shell of the push button machine switch?

The stainless steel used in the metal button switch is a material containing nickel in stainless steel, which is not easy to rust or corrode. If the product is often used at sea and corrosive places, stainless steel is generally used.


The metal button switch uses brass because of its low material cost and can be electroplated with the external atmosphere.

The reason why the metal button switch is made of aluminum is to electroplate different colors, such as black, gold, and red.


4: What is the MOQ of push button machine switch?

The minimum order quantity for the 12 push button machine switch is 1.


5: What is the daily output of a push button machine switch?

The daily output of a push button machine switch is 10,000.


6: What is the warranty period of push button machine switch?

The shelf life of push button machine switch is 5 years.


7: What is the quantity of each push button machine switch?

12 mm metal push button switch 2000 pieces per pack


8: What is the annual output of push button machine switch?

With 3 million switches in one year, it is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in China.


9: How is the factory?

FILN company has 26 years of production experience in the industry and has 150 workers.


10: What kind of certificate do you have?

For company CCC CE TUV ROHS UL.


11: Where do you sell push button machine switch?

Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia and all major European and American countries.


12: How long does it take to send this push button machine switch to the U.S.?

Usually it takes 3 days, and it also takes 3-4 days to ship to Europe. They are basically sent by TNT, DHL.


13: The payment term for push button machine switch is as follows:

1: We accept Alipay, Western Union, TT. All major credit cards can be accepted through the secure payment processor ESCROW.
2: We implement a payment-to-delivery mechanism.


The shipping related information of push button machine switch is as follows:


1: Global transportation. (Except for certain countries and APO/FPO)

2: After payment verification, the order will be processed in time.

3: We only ship to the confirmed order address, and your order address needs to match your delivery address.

4: The picture shown is for reference only.

5: The service transportation time is provided by the carrier, excluding weekends and holidays. The transportation time is different, especially during the holidays.

6: If you still have not received the goods within 30 days of payment, please contact us in time, we will track the goods and reply to you as soon as possible, our goal is to satisfy customers.

7: Due to the difference in inventory status and time, we will choose to ship with our first available warehouse and express delivery.


Five reasons to choose FILN:


1: Factory direct sales, complete models and varieties, large quantity and good quality, worry-free in price and quality.

2: 26 years of industry experience, focusing on product development and quality assurance, is your best partner.

3: Undertake customization of various non-standard products, with diverse styles and diverse choices. The FILN team focuses on customized services.

4: A minimum order, the spot is shipped on the same day, after-sales is guaranteed, and efficient production services.

5: Passing ISO9001 certification and various product certifications is your best choice.

In addition, many customers will ask how to buy this push button machine switch?

If you are in the United States, you are using it for your own personal use, and the quantity is relatively small. If you want to buy this, it is not cost-effective. Because this button is customized, it has not been sold on Amazon in the United States. FILN’s AliExpress website to buy, you can choose 10-15 days to express to the United States, the shipping fee is very cheap about 2-3 US dollars. Enter FILN directly on AliExpress and you can enter our shop homepage.

If you are a factory and use this push button machine switch extensively, you can write an email to contact the sales staff of FILN company [email protected], you can give you some specific parameters, do you have any questions and other production requirements You can make one-to-one inquiries with our sales team by email. The FILN push button switch sales team has 10 years of sales experience and service in foreign trade. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

In addition, FILN has more than 10 professional button R&D engineers, who specialize in customizing various types of button switches with different functions and provide OEM services. Therefore, we undertake the service of customized button products all year round. If you are a distributor, we can give you stable products, reasonable prices, and provide after-sales one-stop service, which is your best choice. If you are a manufacturer, we can provide OEM, ODM services, specializing in the custom production of your exclusive sales products, and engraving your trademark. Similarly, it is the manufacturer’s first choice.

How about the price of push button machine switch? :


This question is a very interesting question, you can only contact us for this question, but we promise to give you unexpected surprises, please contact us immediately at [email protected]/[email protected].


How can we get free push button machine switch samples?

Please email [email protected].


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Production Series FLM12-10HJM Light Guide Button
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