FILN 19MM Waterproof IP67 12V Red LED Push Button Switch


It took FILN seven years to develop the wire-push button switch and create a new category of buttons: wire-push metal buttons and wire-push plastic buttons.
The head of the LED push button is designed with IP67 structure, and the bottom is completely enclosed with epoxy resin so that it can be used directly underwater. In addition, this metal button with wire can be directly connected to the terminal, greatly improving the efficiency of customers, and its current can reach 10A 250V.
In addition, in order to consider the use cost of customers, FILN company also launched a LED PUSH BUTTON with wire, using metal parts for the head and plastic parts for the base to reduce the cost of finished products.
The color of this metal button with wire LED push button can be monochrome, two-color, three-color, four-color and so on
Monochrome LED push button with line comes in 6 colors: red, green, yellow, blue, white, purple
Two-color ribbon LED PUSH BUTTON has red-green, red yellow, red blue, red white, green-yellow, green-blue, green-white, blue yellow, blue-white and so on
Three color ribbon line LED PUSH BUTTON has red, green, blue, red, green, yellow and so on
The size of the LED push button with wire is 12MM, 16MM, 19MM, 22MM, 25MM, 28MM, 30MM and so on
with wire LED push button voltage can be 3v 6v 12v 24v 36v 110v 220v 380v and so on
There are two installation methods of LED push button: screw-type and bayonet type
At the same time, the LED push button of this series has obtained a large number of international certifications
1. American UL certification (the only manufacturer in China with American UL certification with wire buttons)
2. Eu CE certification
3. China CCC certification
4.IS09001 quality management system certification

FILN also has a professional testing lab with wire LED push button

1. Metal LED push button waterproof test bench
2. Plastic LED push button pressure test instrument
3.LED push button switch LED tester
4.LED push button aging test bench
5.LED push button high-temperature test bench
6.LED push button low-temperature tester
7.LED push button dc with load current tester
8.LED push button ac test stand with load current
9.LED push button wire tension test table
10.LED push button environmental protection test bench

Question and answer

Q: How long is the service life of the LED push button?
A: LED push button has a service life of 200,000 times.

Production series FLM19-10FEWM Light guide button PC plastic
Button shape Round actuator 304 Stainless steel
Button led color Red blue orange green white Housing sleeve H59 nickel plated brass/304Stainless steel
Mechanical life The 500 thousand time Button pin 22AWG PVC wire(0.3MM2)
Electrical life The 100 thousand time Rubber ring SIL silica gel
Protection level IP67 IK09 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated voltage 36V(DC) 250(AC) housing PA66+GF20% nylon
rated current 5A(DC)5A(AC) Light source LED
rated power 36W(DC)125W(AC) Resistor Metal film
Operating temperature -25℃~+85℃ contact AgCdO12
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