What is an indicator light?

The basics: a small electric light used to indicate something.

often used to show an operating condition or whether power is on, these lights come in a range of colors and voltages.

The existence of indicators light is an interactive expression of information, through different colors to express different meanings, can enable people to quickly obtain information.

Just like the common traffic light in our daily life, usually the red indicator light means stop, the green indicator light means can pass, and the yellow indicator light means there is a situation.

In the same way, in other electrical equipment, the red indicator light represents not only the meaning of stop, but also on behalf of the equipment has been powered on, or failure, etc., to convey different information through the color of the indicator light to convey a kind of information interaction.

In addition to producing one color indicator light, we can also produce two-color and three-color indicator light and button, to meet the needs of more customers.