What are indicator lights on a car?

THERE are 64 different symbols that can pop up on your car’s dashboard to let you know when something is wrong. How many can you identify?

WHEN a warning symbol flashes up on the dashboard as you’re driving, your first reaction is probably to panic.

And you wouldn’t be alone, as research has revealed that hordes of people draw a blank on what the symbols actually mean.

There are loads of possible signs that could flash up to let you know you need to get to a mechanic or advise something needs checking.

Many drivers have no clue what the tyre pressure warning light is or the symbol that indicates a problem with the diesel particulate filter.

But how many can you identify? Do you know them all? — don’t fret, we have got you covered.

This was followed by the diesel particulate filter warning light which four in ten drew a blank at.

The engine warning light — which could signify a serious mechanical problem and cause irreparable damage to the car if not checked by a professional — was the third most unidentifiable symbol with 38 per cent failing to understand it correctly.

Fourth in the list came the brake system light with one in three (36 per cent) unable to describe what it meant.

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