Is the indicator light really waterproof?

The indicator light can be customized according to your specific requirements depending on the equipment used and the environment.

If your device does not have any contact with moisture, the ordinary indicator light can be used normally.

If your device is outdoors or needs to work in water, then a waterproof indicator is very important.

We can produce waterproof indicator lights with three levels of IP65, IP66, and IP67. The higher the level, the better the waterproof effect.

In order to achieve the waterproof effect, first of all, we are very cautious in the selection of raw materials. During the production process, it will be ensured that the assembly of parts is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements; the connection of the indicator light needs to be coated with waterproof glue to ensure isolation from moisture. After production, the waterproof test needs to be continued.

Our indicator light certification is complete, including UL, RoHS, CE, CCC, IP67, etc.