How to Wire a 12V Push Button Switch With LED?

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Our push button switch has superior quality, high strength and anti-damage performance. The products not only have a porcelain appearance but also have various types. It meets customers’ requirements in various industries and fields. They are widely used in the key surface control system of industrial cabinets, household appliances and other industries. It is not only used for light bulbs switches in the home, but also on computers and mobile phones.

12V push button switch with LED is so practical that is welcomed all around the world. The frequency of switch in our life is very high, in this FAQ, we will introduce you to the product description and wiring ways of 30mm 12V push button switch with LED.

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push button switch with LED

12V push button switch with LED means push drive mechanism with push button, then make moving contact and static contact connected or disconnected, thereby realize the circuit switch.

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According to customer’s requirements, we can make the product’s switch faster and better contact in the process of use.

The product using the double contact switch module, so that the switch action is faster. The switch process is better to connect, which can adapt to a wide range of current, voltage use.

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The difference of the product has self-lock and no lock.

The default of the product is self-lock. When switch button is pressed for the first time, the switch is switched on and can achieve the action of self-lock. Second press, the switch is off and metal push button switch pops up at the same time. Self-locking switch means the switch will not automatically bounce up in the press with the built-in lock function.

No lock reply means press down to connect, when loose your hands, it also follows disconnect.

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In a similar way, self-lock means you press it and it goes through until you press it a second time and the latch pops open.

The product is divided into two stainless steel buttons of high head and flat head.

The product can work in low temperature environment of -25 degrees. We can also make low temperature process treatment for a 12V push button switch with LED so that customers can use it in low temperature environment of -40 degrees. Besides, it can also work at high temperature of 85 degrees.

If customers have higher requirements for high temperature environment, we can also develop customized products with the highest temperature up to 200 degrees.

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What is the current of the 12V push button switch with LED?

The current of the push button is relatively low, which is a low current and used under 5A amperes. If it is above 5A, it will have a very short service life, maybe burn up after 1000 times cycles.

The regular color of the product is red, yellow, blue, green, white, etc. The voltage can be achieved to 3V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 110V, 220V.

How to connect the wire with push button of the product?


This metal button has the following four wiring modes

Wiring 1

The light is not working

Switch is open

Press the button and the light starts to work. Last, the switch is closed.

LED push button switch

Wiring 2

Light is working,

Switch is opened

Press the button, the light starts to work, the switch is closed

Button switch wiring diagram

Wiring 3

A light start to work,

Switch is closed

Press button, light is not working, the switch is opened

LED push Button switch wiring diagram

Wiring 4

A light start to work,

Switch is closed

Press the button, light is working, the switch is opened

push Button switch wiring diagram

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