How to connect the wire with the LED indicator lights?

The first step is to ensure that the equipment is not powered on, then start to the next step.

Find the wire to be connected to the equipment, distinguish the neutral line, the red line is live line and the blue one is zero lines. You can also test with an electric pen. One light end of the electric pen is the live line, and the other is the zero line. Never touch it with your hands.

The next step is to pinch the thread. After finding the wire, use small pliers or small scissors to pinch off the skin of the corresponding wire end on the equipment to expose the longer copper wire. Remember that the leakage of copper wire is not too short, or it is difficult to wire.

Firstly, fix the amber LED indicator light on the panel of the indicator. Then connect the positive and negative wires of the indicator to the two wires corresponding to the power color. Don’t forget to pinch the wire sheath of the lamp holder.

The next step is to use a tap to fix the LED indicator light lamp and connection port of the machine equipment. Remember to buy electricians’ insulation tape. Wrap the wire to tape and fix it. The tape is tighter and tighter.

Restore the wire to the original place in order to keep it beautiful. Energize and open the equipment to see if the LED indicator light is light up or not, if the light doesn’t light up, it means there is something wrong with the wiring.

How to connect the wire with the LED indicator lights?