FILN Custom Symbol Spray Lacquer IP67 12V Rocker Switch

12V Rocker Switch Product Introduction


This is the new waterproof 12v rocker switch. Compared with the ordinary 12v rocker switch, its material is new. Generally, we will use the yellow base to distinguish the new material. Of course, we also have the new material for the black one. The new material is better than the old material The difference between (returned material) is temperature resistance, stronger anti-aging ability and longer service life. And the other special feature of this boat type is that the button part is painted. Compared with ordinary ones, it looks better and looks nobler.

Our waterproof 12v rocker switch can be used for ON-OFF, ON-OFF-ON, or ON-ON function, and the color can be made with lights: red, green, yellow, blue, white, and without lights except for these five types The color can also be black.

The voltage of the lamp can be from 3v to 380v or higher. The commonly used voltage is 12v 24v 110v 220v 380v, and other special voltages can also be customized.

On the appearance of the product, we will pad print some voltage amperage and some certifications.

Our 12v rocker switch has passed CE, ROHS, UL certification, and has higher safety performance. Suitable for your industrial equipment and household appliances.

The 12v rocker switch is also called a rocker switch. Its structure is the same as that of a toggle switch, except that the handle is changed to a boat shape. The 12v rocker switch is often used as a power switch for electronic equipment. Its contacts are divided into single-pole single-throw and double-pole double-throw.


Switch type:

Single pole single throw: 1 moving contact and 1 static contact. There is only 1 channel. This type of switch is relatively simple. It was used a lot in the past, but it is basically not used now.

Single-pole double-throw: 1 moving contact and 2 static contacts, (the static contacts on both sides can be connected respectively) but it has two static contacts, which can be connected to the static contacts on both sides respectively.

Double pole single throw, 2 moving contacts and 2 static contacts, with 2 channels, double pole single throw 12v rocker switch has two moving contacts and two static contacts respectively, so it is better than single pole single throw Switch has one more channel.

Double pole double throw, 2 moving contacts and 4 static contacts, 4 channels (can be connected to the 2 static contacts on both sides respectively)

Our model is double pole single throw or double pole double throw


Application scope:

12v rocker switch is used in water dispensers, treadmills, computer speakers, battery cars, motorcycles, ion TVs, coffee makers, power strips, massage machines, etc., mainly used in household appliances. Household appliances that are frequently used The switch, which is the power switch of the electrical appliances used in our lives, is basically a 12v rocker switch. Because the application range of the 12v rocker switch is so wide, these are mainly determined by its characteristics, mainly because it does bring great convenience to our daily life, and it is extremely simple to use and has a relatively high safety factor. This is a very important reason.

12v rocker switch life test method:

Mainly test the number of openings and closing until it is damaged. If you do not need to manually use a small motor to drive the eccentric opening and closing switch, use a counter to record the number of times!

This switch requires safety certification. If the product is sold in China, CQC is used. If the product is sold abroad, it depends on which country it is sold. For example, the United States needs UL safety certification, Canada needs CUL safety certification, and European countries have VDE, ENEC, TUV and other safety certifications.

Failure problem:

Rocker switch, the kind that usually lights up when the red light is turned on. Sometimes it can’t be turned off, just can’t bounce back, and it often jumps to the failure of the air switch.

The method to solve the fault:

There is a metal sheet inside the rocker switch with a spring fulcrum in the middle. The spring displacement and the aging and deformation of the plastic bracket make the switch inflexible. You can disassemble it after the power is turned off and have a look. If the plastic part is not damaged, it may be restored.

The neutral wire inside the switch is straight through and has nothing to do with the switch components. Therefore, if the switch jumps to the air switch, the insulation layer of the neutral wire of the switch is damaged. You can cut off the damaged section and reconnect the wiring. Pay attention to the insulation to ensure. It may also be that the pin of the indicator light is short-circuited, just re-wiring.

The copper in the 12v rocker switch socket is a key component to ensure smooth current flow and reduce heat generation. High-quality electronic switching power supply sockets are made of high-quality copper sockets, which are anti-oxidation, resistant to riveting, thick copper, and less riveting, which are the four major indicators of the quality of socket copper parts. Therefore, how to distinguish the quality of the 12v rocker switch?

1. Thickness of the copper sheet improves the current flow capacity and reduces the resistance of the copper part itself.

2. Strong resistance, especially for socket sockets, which are not easy to deform. Even if the socket is used for a long time, it can maintain a suitable clamping force to ensure that the socket and the plug are tightly connected, and the arc is reduced.

3. Anti-oxidation, no rust, reduce the increase of resistance and heating caused by rust.

4. Less riveting, the best is a whole piece of copper, which further weakens the broken links and the heating of the rivets.

In the past few years, the use of brass as the load-bearing parts of the socket is the mainstream, but now the use of brass as the load-bearing parts is the last process, and the quality is definitely the order. Brass has a bright yellow appearance, soft texture, abrasion resistance but oxidation resistance, and low elasticity (elasticity) performance.

Long-term use of brass, the surface of copper parts will oxidize and rust, the color will darken, and the contact resistance will increase; repeatedly pulling the plug, severe deformation, poor durability, electric shock accidents, or poor contact causes arcing, and cannot be used safely.

At present, mainstream sockets use tin-phosphorus bronze as the copper material. The appearance of the tin-phosphorus-copper alloy is purple-red, and the biggest feature is that it has high fatigue strength, extremely elasticity, corrosion resistance, and excellent oxidation resistance.

After long-term use, the surface will not be oxidized and corroded, the insert sleeve will not be deformed, and the proper clamping force is always maintained. Considering the thickness of the copper parts, if the product cannot be disassembled for visual inspection, a simple method of hand-handling the parts can be selected. The higher the copper content, the heavier the weight of the socket.

Feiling 12v rocker switch has passed UL, CE, ROHS and other certifications. The quality is guaranteed and life-long after-sales. If you have any doubts or questions in the process of using our products, you can contact us directly. Regardless of whether you bought it from our distributors or other platforms, you can ask us.

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Product Item KCD4-0113-21
Panel Mount Diameter 22*30mm
Contact Way solder pin
Install Way Buckle
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage 3v, 5v, 6v, 12v, 24v,13v, 110v, 120v, 220v, 240v, 250v, 380v
Lamp Color Red,white,blue,green,black,yellow
Shell Material brass plated nickel
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment etc
Current 15A, 20A, 30A
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