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The rocker switches sold are divided into waterproof rocker switches, rocker light switch, 2 pins rocker switch, 3 pins rocker switch, 4 pins rocker switch, 6 pins rocker switch, on-off rocker switch, on-on rocker switch, on off on rocker switch, on-off rocker switch, on-off-on rocker switch, etc.

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What is a rocker switch?


A rocker switch acts as an operating button, we can press it like a seesaw at either end to connect or disconnect a circuit. They are often used as ON/OFF switches for the main power supply of electronic equipment.

The name “rocker switch” comes from the rocking action of the switch when we press the button. It is also sometimes called a seesaw switch.

We usually call rocker switch on off switch and boat switch, etc. It plays the function of controlling the current on and off of the device.

Except for the common on-off functions, the rocker switch also has on-on rocker switch and on-off-on rocker switch, etc.


The detailed description of the rocker switch


Depending on the shape, the rocker switch has a rectangular rocker switch and a round rocker switch.

The rectangular rocker switch has three conventional sizes, including 15X20mm, 10X28mm, 22X30mm, 10x15mm which is a rocker switch. This type of button is KCD1 series, 10X28 belongs to the KCD3 series, and 22X30 is classified as KCD2 and KCD4 series.

rocker switch kcd1 rocker switch KCD1 rocker switch kcd3 rocker switch kcd4
Type of rocker switch Product Size light color Wiring pins Rocker switch function
Round rocker switch 12*12mm/19*19mm R/G/B/Y/W/No light 2/3 ON-OFF






KCD1 series 10*15mm R/G/B/Y/W/No light 2/3
KCD3 series 10*28mm R/G/B/Y/W/No light 2/3
KCD4 series 22*28mm / 22*30mm R/G/B/Y/W/No light 4/6

The size of the round rocker switch is 19MM, and the small rocker switch’s size is 12MM.

In order to make the product waterproof, the KCD1, KCD2, KCD3 series are equipped with rocker switch covers. As long as put the product is on rocker switch covers, it can be waterproof. Besides, we also have a rocker switch that is inherently waterproof.

The difference of the rocker switch


Rocker switches are available in illuminated rocker switches and rocker switches without light.

What is an illuminated rocker switch?

The rocker switch with neon lights or LED lights can be called an illuminated rocker switch. When the illuminated rocker switch is powered on, the light-emitting parts in the switch will be lit.   It is convenient to clearly identify the working state of the device.

We also call the illuminated rocker switch an LED rocker switch. It usually has five different colors, among which, the red rocker switch is the most common, white rocker switch is often used in medical equipment. Besides, it also has other colors, such as yellow, green and blue.




The Rocker switch’s other style is without light, its surface is black, also known as the black rocker switch. Depending on your requirement, we can make the product’s surface the color you want.

Next to the no light rocker switch, there is usually a signal light.

The rocker switch can directly control the equipment or motor. It has a 15A and below, 30A rocker switch by current size.

We usually choose a 30AMP rocker switch with a power of over 4000W. Please see the following comparison chart of the 15A and 30A rocker switches.


The rocker switch’s voltage includes the AC rocker switch and the DC rocker switch.

AC rocker switches are usually used in cars, also known as car rocker switches. Its main voltage is 12V, meanwhile, the 24V rocker switch’s demand is great.

DC rocker switches are usually dominated by 220v rocker switches. In the United States, it is dominated by 120v and 110v rocker switches.

FILN can customize special voltage for you, such as a 380V rocker switch.

How to wire a rocker switch?


The Rocker switch’s regular model is 4-pin KCD4-201 N, how to wire a 4-pin rocker switch?

FILN will introduce the wiring method of the 4-pin rocker switch in detail.

Firstly, connect the rocker switch’s positive and negative poles to the switch’s side pins. Next, connect the device’s positive and negative poles to the middle two pins. Press the cover of the rocker switch, it is powered on, then the machine starts. Please watch the video of the connection of the rocker switch.

(If it is a no light rocker switch, it can be connected to any voltage, such as 110V in the United States, etc.)

How to wire a 5-pin rocker switch?


The 5-pin rocker switch is usually a boat rocker switch or a car switch. This product is FILN’s marine rocker switch. Its size is 37*21.8mm, and its waterproof rating is IP65. So it can be effectively waterproof and dustproof. Besides, it is also wear-resistant and corrosion resistant.

Two LED lamp beads are in the UTV rocker switch housing, as two light sources. With different wiring methods, one light source can light up or two light sources light up at the same time.

Depending on your different needs, FILN can customize the symbols and text on marine rocker switch covers.

This product is a snap-on installation, which is very convenient to install.

Its rated voltage is 24V DC, and rated current is 20A DC.

This product is available in yachts, cars and other corresponding places. Please see the wiring diagram of the marine rocker switch.

5 pin rocker switch

The boat rocker switch has 5 connection pins, including two single lamp pin, one switch pin, one double lamp pin and one output pin. Switch’s switch pin is connected to one end of the power supply.Any lamp pin is connected to the other end of the power supply. Then the output pin is connected to one end of the device, and the device’s other end is connected to the corresponding end of the power supply.

At this time, press the yacht switch, it’s one or two light sources will light up, and the device will start. Press it again, the light source goes out and the device turns off.

How to wire a 3 pin illuminated rocker switch?


The 3 PIN illuminated rocker switch is available in a round or rectangular shape. They have the same wiring way. Both are single-channel control. Please refer to the drawing of the 3 PIN illuminated rocker switch.

Its three wiring pins are the lamp pin, the switch pin, and the output pin. The yellow pin is the light pin, the middle one is the switch pin, and the other side pin is the output pin.

The power supply’s one end is connected to the lamp pin, the other end is connected to the output pin, its middle switch pin is connected to the device’s one end, and the other end is connected to the power supply’s one end, this can form a loop. The switch light is on, and the device is started.

Illuminated rocker switch is also called LED rocker switch. Many people ask a question, How to wire a LED rocker switch? In fact, the wiring method is the same.

How to wire a 12v rocker switch?


The wiring needs one 12V power switch and one 12V fan. Use the 12V rocker switch to control the 12V fan.

First, plug the 12V power switch into the socket, then connect its positive and negative poles to the 12V LED rocker switch. Connect the 12V fan to the 12V illuminated rocker switch, press the 12V rocker switch, the LED light up, the fan will start. Press the rocker switch again, the fan stop working.

What is a 2 way rocker switch?


The 2 way rocker switch has two circuits. One is connected to the positive pole and the other is connected to the negative pole. Please refer to the picture of the 2 way rocker switch.

How does a rocker switch work?


Prepare a fan and a power supply, connect the power supply’s positive and negative poles to the switch. Then fan is connected to the rocker switch, plug the power supply into the socket. Press the rocker switch, the LED will light up, and the fan rotate. Press the cover of the rocker switch again, the light will turn off and the fan will stop working.

How to wire a on off on rocker switch?


The on-off-on rocker switch has 3 pins and 6 pins.

The 3 pin on off on rocker switch includes KCD1-103 model or KCD3-103model, it means single circuit.

The 6 pin on off on rocker switch includes KCD2-203 model or KCD1-203 model, please refer to the drawing of the 6 pin on off on rocker switch.

The wiring of the 3 gear 6 pin rocker switch:

The 6 pins include two common pins in the middle, two first-speed output pins on both sides, and two second-speed output pins.

The power supply’s two poles are connected to the two middle input pins, and the device is connected to two first-speed output pins or two-speed output pins, this can form a loop.

Press the switch, its light is on, and the device starts. Please watch the video of how to wire a on off on rocker switch.

What are the advantages of the rocker switch produced by FILN?


FILN has nearly 15 years of experience in R&D and production regarding rocker switch. It has a professional R&D team, as well as professional rocker switch testing equipment. This equipment can detect the product’s current, voltage, waterproof, environmental protection, life and other items.

The rocker switch has passed the international certifications, such as UL, CE, TUV, etc., as well as the ISO9001 quality management system.

FILN has a professional automatic production line, which can ensure the delivery time and consistency of products. We can also customize a variety of different rocker switch according to your needs. Moreover, there is no MOQ requirement.

Rocker switch after-sales service


The rocker switches produced by FILN are shipped after formal inspection and product testing.
If the product cannot be used normally during use, or there is a problem within the warranty period, please contact us in time.
After you purchase FILN products, we will provide you with technical support and assistance.
It includes advice on how to use or install the product to answer any questions you may have.

For after-sales service, you can contact the corresponding sales manager, or you can send an


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