Car Indicator Lights

Car indicator lights are also called symbols LED indicator lights, boat indication lights, etc.

The LED indicating light has about 180 symbols, of which power LED indicator lights, indicator dashboard lights and so on are more commonly used.

Since its creation in the 1990s, FILN has become one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of LED indicator lights.

We are an innovative industry and trade company integrating R&D, production and sales. FILN has production plants in China and 73% of its turnover comes from the export market.

The company has three factories that produce the wire-metal push button switch category and the waterproof large-current rocker switch.

We are the only one that has a small LED indicator lights UL certificate mainland manufacturers in China.

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Car oil is one of the greatest inventions of this era, and its appearance has changed the way everyone travels.

Today, the birth of rechargeable cars will gradually change everyone’s driving experience like Tesla. Relying on advanced charging systems can effectively reduce carbon emissions, but the biggest problem is the life of car batteries, which I believe will be solved one dashboard

Whether it is a car oil or an electric car, there will be a car dashboard. What is the role of this?

What is an indicator light in a car?

There are many types of car indicator lights. They are also called automotive indicator lights. Every indicator light on the car has a different meaning. Each car indicator light has different symbols and patterns and is usually called a symbol indicator light.

The meaning of car indicator light:

Through the information interaction of the warning light on the dashboard of the car, you can know the current condition of the vehicle you are driving for the first time, which ensures the safety of the driver.

Before you get a driver’s license, you will go through a period of study.

The first thing you learn is to understand the meaning of the indicator lights of various symbols on the dashboard of various cars; then you learn how to drive, as well as some driving skills, and finally, when you do well Bypassing the test, you can get the driver that belongs to you, and you can use the car safely.

It is also necessary to read the accompanying owner’s manual carefully after purchasing the car.

The symbols on the car dashboard can be divided into Warning Symbols, Safety Symbols, Lighting Symbols, Common Symbols, Advanced Feature Symbols and so on.

Warning Symbols Safety Symbols Lighting Symbols Common Symbols Advanced Feature Symbols
Engine Temperature Warning Light Parking Brake Light Low Beam Indicator Light Washer Fluid Reminder Eco Driving Indicator
Temperature Warning Light Parking Brake Light Low Beam Indicator Light Washer Fluid Reminder Driving Indicator
Battery Charge Warning Light Master Warning Light High Beam Light Indicator Hazard Lights On Lane Assist
Battery Charge Warning Light Master Warning Light High Beam Light Indicator Hazard Lights On Lane Assist
Oil Pressure Warning Light Seat Belt Indicator Front Fog Lights Door Ajar Cruise Control
Oil Pressure Warning Light Seat Belt Indicator Front Fog Lights Door Ajar Cruise Control
Brake Warning Light Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Side Light Indicator Windshield Defrost Auto Windscreen Wiping
Brake Warning Light Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Side Light Indicator Windshield Defrost Auto Windscreen Wiping

The detailed description of the car indicator light?


The car indicator lights are available in 8 MM(5/16 “), 10 MM(10/25.4 “), 12 MM(15/32″), 14 MM(5/9″), 16 MM(3/16″), 19 MM(19/25.4”) and etc. Among these, the 8MM indicator light is also known as a mini indicator light, it is mainly used in modified motorcycles. 19MM indicator light is usually called large indicator light, which is mostly used in cars.

The waterproof rating of the 8MM indicator light for the car is IP65. If the indicator light is used outdoors, its waterproof rating should be IP67. FILN can customize the 8MM LED indicator light with a waterproof rating at IP67.

The voltage of the car indicator lights is usually 12V, but the voltage from 5V to 12V is generally acceptable. So if you need a 5V indicator light, the 12V car indicator light can also be used normally.

In addition to 12V voltage, we can also customize other voltages if you need them, such as 24V indicator light or 110V metal indicator light.

The car indicator light produced by FILN has 5 colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue, and white. They can also produce 2 color indicator lights or 3 color indicator lights.

The colors of the 2 color indicator light are usually red and green. 3 color indicator light usually includes red, green, and blue indicator light, red, yellow, and green indicator light, etc.

The service life of the car indicator lights is 100,000 hours. Because LED lamp bead adopts electroless chip, it can be used on AC indicator light and DC indicator light.

What does malfunction indicator light mean?

A malfunction indicator light means that a variety of sensors and electronic controllers are installed on the car.

If a fault or abnormality occurs in a certain part of the car, the sensor will receive information and send it to the car coincidence indicator, and the car symbol indicator will flash or light up.

The driver will know what’s wrong with the car. Here are a detailed description of some car indicator light symbols:

1. What is a fog light indicator mean?

A fog light indicator generally refers to a car fog light. A car fog lamp is installed in the front and rear of the automobile, which is used for lighting the road and safety warning when driving in rainy and foggy weather. These can improve visibility for drivers and surrounding traffic participants. The 12V fog light green indicator light symbol on the car’s panel will light up when the fog lights are on.

2. What does slip indicator light mean?

The slip indicator light means when the car accelerates and the adjustment fails, the yellow car indicator light will blink. If the slip indicator light blinks, it means that the driving wheel of the car is slipping. If the slip indicator light is on all the time, it means that the acceleration of the car will skid, and adjustment failure. When this happens, it must be repaired immediately. Otherwise, it will affect the driving stability and safety of the car.

3. What is an oil indicator light?

The oil indicator light is used to show the pressure conditions of the oil in the engine. After ignition, the indicator light will be on when the vehicle starts the self-test, then it will be off after starting. If the indicator light is on, meaning that the engine oil pressure of the vehicle is lower than the specified standard and needs to be repaired.

Description of car indicator light symbols:


Generally, when the indicator light on the instrument panel suddenly lights up, it means that there is a potential problem with the car, and the problem needs to be solved in time.

For example, when the oil pump indicator light on the instrument panel lights up with a yellow light, it means that the oil level of the car has reached the lowest mark of the fuel tank. When the oil level of the gasoline drops again, the oil pump warning light on the instrument panel will turn on.

gas cap

If you don’t go to refuel at this point, you will be forced to continue driving because there is no gasoline.

The best advice is to go to the gas station as soon as possible when the yellow light on the dashboard lights up.

The maximum gasoline capacity of the car will be marked on the gas cap of your car, as well as the model that is recommended to add gasoline.

A less common symbol is the glow plug Indicator light, This light indicates that the engine’s glow plugs are warming up and the engine should not be started until the light goes out.

If it flashes, a problem has been detected, such as a worn glow plug.

Tips for driving at night:

Stays illuminated is very important when driving at night.

driving at night

When you open the door, the car’s built-in charging system stores part of the electricity and the lights in the car will turn on the moment you open the door, making it easier for you to get in the car or store items.

Waiting for you to ignite the engine, the dashboard lighting will come on, the system will automatically detect the situation of the car, the indicator light without a special symbol on the dashboard of the car lights up, indicating that there are no potential issues, you can fasten your seat belt and check the parking system.

You can drive safely after turning on the low beams and turn signals.

When the road lighting is not ideal, it is necessary to switch to high beams. The high beams can make the light stays farther away and better observe the road conditions.

While driving, pay particular attention to your car’s engine oil pressure and tire pressure monitors.

If the engine oil pressure is too low, the oil pressure warning light will light up, indicating that it is wrong with your car.

Please turn on the double flashing lights of the car in time, and pull over to the side.

Open the hood of the car to check whether there is oil leakage, etc.

The check engine light on the platter will come on and you can call for help and have checked your car by a professional.

The tire pressure monitor will always pay attention to the tire pressure of the car. Too low or too high tire pressure will directly cause problems in high-speed vehicles.

It is best to stabilize the tire pressure within a range.Description of car indicator lights

Car dashboard indicator light introduction:

These important symbols’ indicator lights generally use LED indicators, which have a longer life than ordinary indicators, and the light is more gentle and not dazzling.

As a manufacturer of indicator lights, you can provide the mounting holes for our products, and we will recommend the most suitable indicator light size for you to meet your needs.

The difference between the symbol indicator light and the car indicator light is whether the instrument panel symbol is engraved on the surface of the indicator light.

Most of the dashboard lights are yellow and red.

The yellow light generally refers to warnings, such as insufficient window washer fluid and high water tank temperature. Temperature warning a prompt will be given.

The red light means that it is necessary to check and repair in time, such as the brake warning lights, once it lights up, it means that there is an issue with the brake system, and you should stop driving immediately.

Light color The meaning of bag noodles
Yellow light on It acts as a reminder, indicating that there is a small problem in a certain part of the car, such as the gasoline is about to run out, the ABS is easy to slip, etc.
Red light on It acts as a warning, indicating that the part of the car continues to be inspected or repaired; this kind of warning must solve the problem in time, otherwise, it will cause damage to the vehicle.
Among them are other colors, such as the turn signals are green and the high beams are blue.

What can FILN do for car symbol indicator lights?

The shape of the indicator light is various.
In addition to the flat indicator light that can make symbols, there are also high heads and concave heads. These two types can be used as power indicator lights, and the lights will light up when the power is turned on.

flat indicator light high heads indicator light concave heads indicator light Symbol indicator lights
Ordinary LED indicator lights High head spotlight indicator lights Female head indicator lights Various symbol indicator lights


In addition, there are plastic indicator lights and metal indicator lights. Plastic indicator lights are also widely used, with more sizes to choose from and more installation methods.

It mainly depends on your needs, and we will also provide you with the most pertinent advice.

Our flathead indicator lights can not only engrave car symbols but also produce custom symbols, such as company LOGO, symbols with special meaning when developing products, all of which can be customized for you.

Custom-Symbol-Indicators_01 Custom-Symbol-Indicator-light Custom-Symbol-Indicator-light Custom-Symbol-Indicator-light
Various company logos Digital indicator lights Car instrument custom indicator lights Special symbol indicator lights


If you want to customize the lights with special symbols, we can totally serve you. The main operation steps are as follows:

  1. Contact us and let us know your needs.(Contacts us:
  2. FILN matches you with the most suitable engineers and sales managers.
  3. Confirm the style of the symbol, and confirm the appearance, material, size, voltage and LED color of the indicator light.
  4. The engineer starts to produce the sample, and the sales manager will send the sample to you.
  5. Wait until you receive the sample, and confirm the product information and product test.
  6. FILN receives feedback and will discuss with the engineer in time for any modification and propose solutions, and produce samples after approval; if no modification is required, the factory will be arranged for mass production.
  7. Complete the transaction for the custom symbol indicator.

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