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Exhibiton in 2016

At the 2016 Munich Electronics Exhibition, FILN’s booth was full of customers. FILN showed more than 30 newly developed products, including new PUSH button SWITCH, new indicator lights, new guitar switches with lights, and new 30A high current waterproof ROCKER switches. The whole exhibition was the largest flow for our family.

One of them is a German old man, about 70 years old. He saw many of our products, especially the 30A waterproof boat switch. Our colleagues asked many questions. He just didn’t answer them and asked him for business cards. So I went over and chatted before I knew they were family businesses. They had a history of more than 100 years. Well, there are many distributors in various European countries. He talked with me about a lot of product technology issues. I explained to him one by one. He was very satisfied. He gave me a business card. He was the CEO and gave me a commemorative pen of his company.

When we came back from Germany, we began to send samples to him. The first time we failed, the second time we reissued them, passed them, and then began to sell our products. Now our products are fully sold through his sales channels in Europe.

Exhibiton in 2016