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3PDT Foot Switch Case

Five years ago, an American customer saw our 3DT FOOT SWITCH pictures on INSTAGRAM. He learned from the factory pictures we published that our company is a factory that produces 3DT FOOT SWITCH.

3PDT Foot Switch Case

He has a large annual sales, but more and more competitors, so he has been looking for cheaper factories, they come to me to pay back the price, we know their market situation, we suggest to develop a differentiated, 3TD FOOT SWITCH is used in marketing effect device, we propose to design a FOO with lights. T SWITCH gave it to him. He was very happy after he saw the plan. We made an effect map for him immediately. After he saw it, he immediately said that it would be very good to sell the product at a higher price.

Two months later, 3PDT SWITCH with lights came out. As the American customer said, the sales volume was very good. That product sold for five years is still the biggest one. Then the customer had another idea. He wanted us to make the product directly. We are trying it out.