8mm bi-color Indicator Light

Indicator lights refer to devices that use light to monitor the operation or position state of circuits and electrical equipment. The indicator light is usually used to reflect the working state of the circuit (with or without electricity), the working state of the electrical equipment (running, down or testing) and the position state (closed or disconnected). Usually installed in the low-voltage distribution device of the screen, disk, table, cabinet on the panel, some low-voltage electrical equipment, instruments on the disk or other prominent position. Indicator light reflecting the working state of the equipment. Usually, when the light is on, it means the equipment is live; when the light is off, it means the equipment is out of power.

Indicator lights are very versatile and are usually used in The coffee machine, The water heater, Water dispenser, Baked Fried furnace, Meat grinder, automation, Test equipment, Disinfection cabinet, The dishwasher, Barbecues, Cleaning machine, Food machinery, The freezer, A blender, blender, The fault, Modified car, Shoe machine, Refrigeration equipment, Insulated rice stand, Cooking stove, Waterproof air case, Induction cooker, Lampblack purifier, Cooking noodles barrels, Vending machines, Charging pile, The solar energy, Powerbox, The subway, The dashboard, wine, Audio equipment, Distribution box, Sound effector, The cinema, Medical equipment, Car panel, player, Audio equipment, Distribution box, Medical equipment, Power amplifier player, Education, school lab, The generator, Electric welding machine, Cable tray, inverter, Voltage regulator, Access control device, Automobile and motorcycle accessories, Industrial air purifier,

FILN indicator light through the United States UL certification, Germany VDE certification, European Union CE certification, ISO90001 quality management system certification and so on, the quality is stable, the style is complete, can be customized according to the customer’s needs of different styles of indicator light.

Today, I would like to introduce one of our flagship products –8mm metal red and green dual color indicator light with wire.

8mm bi-color Indicator Light8mm bi-color Indicator Light

Its model name is FL1M-8FW-D. It is a bi-color flat head metal indicator light with wire. Metal indicator light commonly used in coffee makers, electrical installations, refrigeration equipment, motor vehicle, motorcycle and medical.

LED Color: Two colors of common negative or common positive. The normal two colors is red and green, and can also be red and green, blue and green, yellow and green. The longevity of LED is up to 100,000 hours.

Volatge:The normal voltage is 6v, 12v, 24v, 36v, 110v, 220v, and 380v.

Wire: PVC line AWG 24 has a length of 20cm for each wire. Of course, teflon line can also be made, and the line length can be increased or decreased.We can add connection terminal according to different length of wire from Customizes’requirements.

Material: Metal material of indicator lamp is made of Copper H62 which under the work of CNC machinezinc in high precision, and chromium plated appearance looks nice as well.

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