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8mm Cheap and Good Quality 120V Panel Mount Indicator Light

120V Panel Mount Indicator Light Product Introduction

The 120V panel mount indicator light is an 8 mm metal indicator light. This indicator light is special and is assembled with side-by-side cables. As can be seen from the picture, this 120V panel mount indicator light uses 2 heat shrink The tube is wrapped, and the other parts are side by side. Generally red and black AWG20 wire. The default line length is 20 cm.

Compared with other indicators, this 120V panel mount indicator light is much cheaper and more popular. The default accessory has a metal 8mmx0.75 nut, a metal gasket and a rubber waterproof ring.

120V panel mount indicator light can do more than 120V, the general customers buy voltages, 3V, 12V, 24V, 36V, more than 36V, such as 110V, 220V, 380V, we need an additional rectifier 4007, because they are divided positive The negative 5 mm lamp bead has good brightness. The life span is also stable. Generally, it can reach more than 5w hours.

If the customer is retail, we can pack one bag per bag, or one more bag, according to the customer’s requirements, or 100 pieces per bag, and the spare parts are packed separately. Anyway, our 120V panel mount indicator light can be packaged according to your needs.

The 120V panel mount indicator light can be made in red, green, yellow, blue, white, and red is bought more often, and it is used more on the panel. The nut is 0.75x8mm.

The material of this indicator light is copper alloy, the head is PC, and the tail is PA66 nylon. Withstand voltage up to 1800V.

Where are the various colors of indicator light used in the control circuit?

In a circuit, if there is only one light, then the light on means it is working, and the light off stops working, no matter what color it is. If there are two lights in the circuit, one is red and the other is green, then red means stop working, green light means working, red also has the function of power indicator. If there are three indicator lights in the circuit, such as decompression starting or star-delta starting cabinet, in addition to the above two lights indicating the same function, there may also be a yellow light. This yellow light represents the process of starting. After the yellow light is off, it turns to green. It enters the normal operating state.

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Product Item FL1M-8SW-3
Panel Mount Diameter 8mm
Contact Way With wire
Install Way screw terminal
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage AC/DC, 3V、6V、12V、24V、220V、380V
Lamp Color red yellow blue green white
Product Design Convcave head
Shell Material brass plated nickel/stainless steel
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances,    automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment etc
Component Name Material
Lens PC plastic
Metal Body H59 brass or 304 stainless steel
Wahser T10 Cold Rolled Steel
Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Housing PA66 nylon
Light Source LED
Resistor Metal film
Cable Pvc AWG22 0.3mm²
Plug-in C2680 RoHS brass
Items Parameter
Rated Voltage 3V-780V DC or AC
Rated Current 20mA
Rated Power 0.2W
Insulation and Voltage Resistance 1800V
Working Life 100000h
Electrical Life 100000
Cold-resistant -40℃
Heat-resisting 80℃
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