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6mm plastic indicator light with wire – FL1P-6QW-1

This is a 19mm metal Push button Switch, as you see it out of the ordinary, it has a head mounted on the ring lights and power signs. The shape of the head is the screen, the metal part of the material is zinc-aluminum alloy. Through high-precision CNC lathe processing, to create a unique metal shell.

The wire used is wired Teflon wire, heat and corrosion resistance. Head of the installation of the ring light lamp for the use of non-polar led, no need to consider the positive and negative. Commonly used voltage is 12v DC voltage, can also be customized other voltage.

And the indicator light model no. is FLM19-FW-E-10-Z-T.Our FILN company website is you have any questions on the indicator lights, please send us by