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6MM 12V LED Green Indicator Light

  • Mode: FL1M-6SW-1
  • Voltage: 2V, 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V, 380V
  • Keyword: Green indicator light
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
  • Material:Brass, Stainless, Zinc alloy
  • Certification:CE, CCC, ROSH, IP67, UL
  • Waterproof grade: IP67, IP68
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  • Download PDF: 6mm 12V LED Green Indicator Light FL1M-6SW-1

Chapter 2: Detailed Parameters

Description of green indicator light
The opening hole of the green indicator light 6 mm
Waterproof level IP67
The installation style Thread Fastening Style
Color Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, Purple
Certification UL CE ROSH IP67 CCC  ISO90001
Weight/quantity 1KG/100pcs
Package 50pcs/Box, 1000pcs/CTN
Wire style With wire

Chapter 3: Introduction to green indicator light

  • 6MM CONVEX Head 240v LED indicator light is designed in 2011 for the needs of Korean customers.
  • The head of the green indicator light is plush copper, and add an indicator cap on the indicator light, which can attach the indicator cap to the copper part in order to achieve a waterproof IP67 effect.
  • The metal part of the green indicator light adopts CNC lathe with high precision processing technology. It can be seamlessly connected with the indicator cap to ensure that the indicator light is waterproof and also improve the level of the product.
  • The LED of the green indicator light is non-polarity and dual-core, which can be independent of positive and negative levels. Because the 240V green indicator light is AC, so 4007 capacitors should be added to the normal. If you use a non-polar LED, you don’t need to increase the resistor by 300k 2/1 ws, just put the resistor on the 6mm indicator.
  • Since the internal area of the green indicator light is relatively small, it must be filled with epoxy resin to ensure the sealing performance, to meet the international standard of voltage resistance test 1800V.


6mm 12V LED Green Indicator Light Description


The service life of green indicator light can last 5 years.
  • Green indicator light adopts internal wiring, the wire lead directly from the indicator body, which is very convenient for customers to connect, meanwhile the appearance is clean and tidy.
  • The thickness of the green indicator light nut is 3mm, and the standard pitch is 0.5mm to ensure the stability of the indicator when the panel is installed. When installing the panel, 5mm waterproof ring should be added, so that the water will not stay in the hole of the panel, and play the role of waterproof sealing. Also,it can be produced as a DC indicator, 3vlot, 5volt, 6volt, 12volt and 24vlot are available.
  • FL1M-6SW-1 can achieve a variety of colors, such as red, yellow, the mixture of yellow green, blue, orange and white etc. The wire end of FL1M-6SW-1 can connect various styles of terminals and sockets according to your requirement. And the service life of the green indicator light can last 5 years.

Application of green indicator light

The green indicator light has a wide range of applications, such as test equipment, automation equipment and household electrics etc.

12MM 12V Metal Red LED Indicator Light

Certified product

Filn 6mm 12V LED green indicator light had passed the certification of UL, CE, ROHS and ISO90001.


Meanwhile, Filn also has professional indicator light testing laboratory to ensure the quality of the indicator light.

The project test criteria of green indicator light
The criteria of withstand voltage test 1800V
The criteria of waterproof test IP67
The criteria of strain relief test 10KG
The criteria of high and low temperature test 40 degrees below zero/ 80 degrees
The criteria of service life test 50,000 hours

How to contact us

The production time of the green indicator light is about 3 days, we have no MOQ requirement.

You can e-mail directly to our sales representative

If you have any problems with indicator customization and technology, you can also e-mail directly to our technical engineer,

We will contact you within 24 hours. You can also look at other models of indicator light, such as LED indicators, push button switches and rocker switches.

The material of green indicator light
The style of head Plush copper
The plastic material of head PC
The installation style Screw thread style
The metal material of shell Brass, Stainless,Zinc alloy
Lamp type LED
The material of base PA66
Connection type Terminals connection with wire
The material of nut Brass,6mm nut, 0.5mm screw pitch
The material of waterproof washer Silica gel
The material of gasket Stainless, Iron
The type of resistance Carbon film resistance
The material of wire Teflon resistance to high temperature of 240 degrees
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