4PIN 24V Yellow Illuminated Latching Small Push Button Switch

Small Push Button Switch Product Introduction


This 12mm small push button switch is newly developed by Korean distributors. In the winter of 2016, FILN went to cold South Korea to participate in the KES conference. On the first day of the exhibition, this dealer came to our booth and was very impressed after seeing our full range of small push button switches and indicator lights. Interested, I left my business card and contact information. We communicated a lot in Korean. At present, all products are purchased from China, and there is a purchasing office in China. During the conversation, we learned that the customer also has its own factory in Korea and produces small push buttons. Switch, but the labor cost in South Korea is 3-4 times that in China, so customers are more inclined to purchase from China. After in-depth understanding, distributors in major cities in South Korea all respond to this 12mm small push button switch with a lock The shell of the lamp is too long, and many control boxes have limited installation space and cannot be installed. Have a happy conversation that day. The next day, the customer brought his engineer and a local distributor in Seoul to continue to discuss this 12mm small push button switch with us.

Through our understanding of customers, we understand the two needs of customers:

1. The 12mm small push button switch that the customer buys now does not have KC certification in South Korea. We promise to pay the customer to complete the KC certification in South Korea.

2. Aiming at the length of this lockable shell, we returned to the hotel overnight to communicate with the engineer. By modifying the lock pin inside and the plastic parts inside, the length of this small push button with the lock can be controlled. In one-third of the original.

3. Through the distributor, I learned that the small push button switch that the customer’s customer bought back now, the customer needs to wire it back, and the tail must be crimped. The cost in Korea is very high, and the minimum is 10 dollars an hour. This is one of the reasons why the customer’s cost is very high. We can directly deliver a complete set of products according to the customer’s requirements. After the customer buys it back, just plug in the connector and use it directly.

4. The small push button switch product that the customer wants is to carry its own trademark and model. This can be achieved by laser engraving machine, printing on the shell.

5. On these foundations, at the same time, distributors are very sensitive to prices, because this directly affects their profits and the marketing of distributors everywhere.

For this reason, FILN decided to develop a cost-effective small push button switch for him free of charge. Through the efforts of FILN’s R&D engineers, this type of shortened length was developed after 1 month, and the copper nickel-plated material was super cost-effective.

The latest design of small push button switch solved his problem. Follow-up guests have flown to our company many times to visit and inspect the factory, trust us, and purchase all other small push Buttons from us. After knowing that we are still talking about continuing to complete the UL certification of our full range of products, customers will be more confident to roll out our products throughout South Korea.

So what is the button of this 12mm small push button switch? Everyone has been looking forward to it for a long time. The following is a detailed description of this custom button switch.

1. This custom small push button switch with light is made of brass nickel plated material because the button is made of LED, the color of the LED is red, yellow, green, blue, and white. You can choose any color. The appearance of the button can also be produced in black or other colors, which is a very beautiful and high-end atmosphere. Moreover, the plastic is shortened, but we still have built-in resistors, so customers don’t need to add additional resistors after buying them back.

2. Due to the small diameter of this small push button switch, the diameter of the buttons on the head is also small. Considering that the machines of Korean customers are also exported to Europe and the United States, we also designed the high head, so that people with big fingers can press more easily.

3. The button wiring of this small push button switch is also very convenient, (in order to make the wiring more convenient, we use a non-polar LED, so that there is no need to divide the positive and negative levels in the DC, you can connect casually) is two power cords and two Light wire. Many customers will ask this question, how to wire a push button switch? How to test the push button switch?
In order to make you more clear about the wiring and testing methods, we have drawn a simple wiring diagram, please see below

4PIN 24V Yellow Illuminated Latching Small Push Button Switch


Customers will ask this question, how to install a 12V push button switch?

The button method of this small push button switch with lock and light is the screw fastening method. Firstly, install the button on the panel, then put on the waterproof ring, and then screw on the metal nut. It is not only very strong but also waterproof. Of course, the button itself is IP65 waterproof.

At the same time, the distributor raised another question. It takes us a lot of time to screw the button onto the panel? Can you design buttons that are directly stuck on the panel without screwing?

According to the needs, FILN immediately began to develop a 12mm small push button switch that directly snaps in. The bottom is made of a plastic shell, and the head is made of stainless steel or brass nickel-plated metal. It is easier to install in the panel, and the appearance is more beautiful. Only the customer’s panel is between 1 and 4 mm.

Another customer asked a question, we want to use a 110V button switch, can you produce it? Do you have American UL certification?

This button designed by FILN can not only produce 12V DC voltage but also 110v 220v 380V AC voltage, as long as you need, any voltage can be produced. Regarding the issue of UL certification in the United States, after a year of hard work by our team, this 12mm small push button switch has now obtained UL certification in the United States, although the cost of UL certification in China is very high. But we will still invest a lot of manpower, material, and financial resources to complete it.

The following is a question and answer for this 12mm small push button switch


1. What is the shelf life of this 12mm small push button switch?

The shelf life of this button is 5 years. If you want better quality, FILN can customize it for you, and the service life can be 800,000 times. If you encounter any problems during the warranty period, you can write an email to contact FILN technical after-sales group [email protected], we will contact you immediately within 12 hours to solve any of your product quality problems and solutions.


2. What is the current of small push button switch?

The current of this button is relatively small and belongs to a low current. It is used below 1.5A ampere. If it is higher than 1.5A, its service life will be very short, and it may burn out after about 1000 times.


3.How to buy this small push button switch?

If you use less, you can go directly to FILN’s AliExpress website to buy,, you can choose 15-20 days delivery express delivery, so the freight is cheaper. If you are in a factory and use this button switch extensively, you can write an email to contact the sales staff of FILN company [email protected], the FILN button switch sales team has 10 years of sales experience and service in foreign trade, We will get back to you within 24 hours.


4. Can FILN company customizes the buttons we need that are not available in the market?

FILN company has more than 10 professional button R&D engineers who specialize in customizing various types of button switches with different functions. As long as you need it, FILN company can provide various customized services. Moreover, it only takes 30 days for a new button from your idea to R&D and design, the development of abrasive tools to the completion of finished samples. FILN company can also provide OEM services, can be marked with your trademark, and so on. As long as you pay for the cost of abrasive tools and research and development for the button switch, FILN will only provide you with exclusive use and sales, which can greatly enhance your competitiveness and profit.


5. Does this button have a reset function?

This 12mm small push button switch with lock is normally open, and it can also be produced as a self-resetting. If the length of the self-resetting button is shorter, our shell can be made shorter.


6. How about the price of this 12mm small push button switch?

This question is a very interesting question, you can only contact us for this question, but we promise to give you unexpected surprises, please contact us immediately at [email protected].

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Production Series FLM12-10HEJZ Light Guide Button PC plastic
Button Shape round Actuator 304 Stainless steel
Button LED Color red,blue,green,yellow,white Housing Sleeve H59 nickel plated brass/304Stainless stee
Mechanical Life The 500 thousand time Button Pin H62 Copper alloy
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP65 IK08 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 36V(DC) 250(AC) Housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Rated Current 1A(DC)0.5A(AC) Light Source LED
Rated Power 36W(DC)125W(AC) Resistor Metal film
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃ Contact AgCdO12
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