(Last Updated On: 10/05/2018)


25mm 12v red green blue white orange led illuminated metal push button switch

Item No.: FLM25-FJ-EC-1


  • Bushing diameter: 25 mm
  • Material: Nickel Plated Brass, Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy Aluminum(black)
  • Waterproof : IP67, IK10 ( mounted on panel)
  • Easy to clean metal surface
  • New Design: Elegant and Shiny Actuator, Elastic Click
  • Long life Time: 500,000 cycles
  • Illuminated ring LED, available in single color, bi-color or tri-color in 3~720V voltage
  • Any Symbol can be customized
  • Wire solering, Harness, solderping connector are all available
  • Professional Solutions according to your requipment

Selection Guide

Wiring Method


Install Hole Diameter25mm
Swtich Function1NO1NC/2NO2NC
Operation TypeMomentary/ Latching
Dielectric Strength2000V
Insulation voltage resistance1800V
Electrical Life≥50,000cycles
Mechanical Life≥500,000cycles
Protection LevelIP67, IK10
Operation Forceabout 5N
Operation Stroke3mm
Panel thickness1-15mm
Nut torque5-14Nm
LED voltage3-720VAC/DC
LED rated current20mA
LED colorred/blue/green/yellow/white/bi-color/tri-color

Product Introduction

This is FILN New Designed metal push button switch in 25mm 0.98inch with ring led without wire, below is the detailed information:

1.The pushbutton switch have 3 actuator types:flat head, round head, and high head. The material is stainless steel, or nickel plated brass, zinc alloy aluminum(black color), gold plated and so on. The surface is made under high precision CNC lathe processing, so the appearance is unique, shiny and innovative.
2.The plastic part of metal button imported from Germany’s Bayer nylon material.
3.The function of metal button switch is latching or momentary. Self latching means locked, when release, it can not be automatically returned. Mementary mean spring back type, when release the actuator, it will automatically return back.
4. The metal push button switch can be made in terminal pin or screw pin, and the width & thickness of the pins can be Customized. Wire solering, connector soldering are available, and have matching harness.
5.Metal button divided illuminated and not illuminated. The lamp is non polarity LED, so no need consider the problem of connecting the positive and negative poles. The service life of this kind of LED is very long, use time can be up to 100 thousand hours. And the color of the lamp is customizable, can be Customized color range of red, yellow, blue, green, white, orange, purple and so on… We also produce 2 color and 3 color indicator light.
6.Voltage of metal pushbutton Led light can be Customized, such as 3V、6V、12V、24V、48V、110V、120V、220V、380V.
7.Metal buttons can be Customized to increase waterproof function, the protection capacity of IP67 protection level of security, can prevent the dust suction and short soak.

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