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16 MM Pushbutton Harness 5Pin Push Button Wire Connector Switch

Most of the buttons and switches available on the market are designed with plug-in connectors, while some feature screw terminals.

The pushbutton harness is designed to fit plug-in style buttons and switches. By aligning the harness with the plug at the back of the button, it can be easily inserted and used seamlessly. The choice between plug-in and screw terminal design depends on the installation environment.

Please note that the term “pushbutton harness” refers to a wiring assembly specifically tailored for plug-in style buttons and switches to facilitate their installation and use.

Advantages of Pushbutton Harnesses Include:

Simplified Installation: pushbutton harnesses are designed to be easily compatible with plug-in pushbuttons and switches. This simplifies the installation process, reducing the chance of wiring errors and saving assembly time.

  • Enhanced Reliability: By using a pushbutton harness, electrical connections are standardized and secure, minimizing the risk of loose connections or wiring errors. This enhances the overall reliability and longevity of the button or switch.
  • Improved Water Resistance: In certain applications where water resistance is critical, pre-wired pushbutton harnesses provide sealed and protected connections. This protects electrical components from moisture and environmental contaminants and maintains functionality even under challenging conditions.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Using pushbutton harnesses simplifies the manufacturing process, which increases efficiency and reduces labor costs. The standardized design also minimizes the need for custom wiring solutions, further improving cost-effectiveness.
  • Interchangeability: With pushbutton harnesses, pushbuttons and switches can be easily replaced or interchanged without complex rewiring. This flexibility allows for quick maintenance and upgrades in a variety of applications.
  • Error Prevention: Pushbutton harnesses ensure proper alignment and connection, reducing the possibility of wiring errors. This helps prevent potential operational problems and improves overall product quality.
  • Space Optimization: In space-constrained applications, pushbutton harnesses provide a neat and compact wiring solution that optimizes the use of available space within the device or equipment.

In short, pushbutton harnesses provide a convenient, reliable and efficient wiring solution tailored for plug-in pushbuttons and switches, offering simplified installation, enhanced reliability, waterproofing, cost-effectiveness, interchangeability, error-proofing and space-saving benefits. Optimized.

Introduction to Pushbutton Harnesses

Introducing our latest pushbutton harness designed specifically for 16 mm hole buttons. This connector features a brand-new shell made from durable PA66 material, incorporating a safety buckle design for added security.

Pushbutton Harness FAQ:

What is the wire diameter specification of this pushbutton harness?

The wire used in this harness is AWG20.

What is the length of this pushbutton harness?

The standard cord length for this button is 20 cm, and it can be customized to various lengths based on your requirements.

How many wires are included in this pushbutton harness?

The standard tail of the harness consists of 5 wires. The red wire connects to the positive pole of the LED lamp pin, the black wire to the negative pole of the LED lamp pin, the green wire is the common pin (C) of the switch, the blue wire is the normally open pin of the switch (NO), and the yellow wire is the normally closed pin (NC) connected to the switch.

Can this pushbutton harness be used with two-color or three-color push button switches?

Absolutely! We have reserved three holes in the lamp feet to accommodate two-color or three-color buttons. Our wiring harness can meet such requirements.

Can the wires at the end of this pushbutton harness be connected according to our customized needs?

Certainly! If you have specific connection requirements, just provide us with the circuit connection diagram, and we can produce the harness according to your specifications.

I only need the normally open pin for this pushbutton harness; can I exclude the normally closed one?

Yes, that’s possible. If you don’t need the light or the normally closed foot function, we can create a 2-wire harness for you, reducing costs.

Can the tail of this pushbutton harness be connected to our customized connector?

Yes, absolutely! Just provide us with the specifications of your connectors, and our professional wire harness and wire art production team will ensure a seamless connection.

What is the ambient temperature range of this pushbutton harness?

The pushbutton harness is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -25 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius.

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In addition to the 16 mm pushbutton harness, do you offer wire connectors for buttons of other sizes? Yes, indeed! We have completed a full range of product wiring harness coverage for various button sizes, including 19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, and 40 mm.

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