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16mm metal indicator light – FL1M-16CJ-1

Figure is our 12mm concave metal white indicator light, its lamp beads color is white. The shell is made of metal shell, lampholders, metal shell is made of 204 stainless steel, lampholders are made of PA66 flame retardant nylon. This indicator light with pin, pin material for the C2680 environmental protection copper.

The use of A-level neon bulb, commonly used in AC voltage, such as for DC voltage will shorten the service life, and only for 12V / 24V voltage conditions.

24v Indicator light can work at minus 40 degrees Celsius and below 80 degrees Celsius. The highest welding temperature is 260 degrees Celsius. Working life of 100,000 hours, rated power of only 0.2W. And our light protection class has reached IP67, waterproof and dustproof, can work in the water.

And the indicator light model no. is FL1M-16CJ-1.Our FILN company website is you have any questions on the indicator lights, please send us by