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16mm 0.63inch 6v blue led lndicator light with wire(FL1M-16BW-1)

How to calculate the indicator light current and resistance, the power of the matching degree?

Recently some customer feedback that they used to indicate the lights on the 110V but burn in 2 minutes, we asked the customer to send samples back and analyzed the product, the problem in the resistance.

For this problem, we’ll talk about how to calculate the resistance and resistance value of the indicator light inside.

Because R R=U/I. unit is Ohm (Ω), I menas to current (A), U means to voltage (V), Pay attention to the unit systems’conversion, cannot exist thousands o (KΩ), ma (ma)).

The LED internal voltage is 2.2V in red and yellow, green,blue and white is 3V , rated current is 20MA, so that we would know which resistors should use in indicator light.

For example, we are using the 110V voltage, blue LED. Led rated power is 20MA. that resistance is R= (110-3) V/0.02A=5350Ω, U refers to the actual voltage (110V minus LED itself 3V equal to 107V which is the actual operating voltage), I refers to the LED itself current. 5350Ω is a unilateral consideration led rated current after calculating. Because there is a circuit to limit the flow of resistance, so we have to consider the factors of resistance.

We have calculated resistance should be 5350 ohms resistance,when we use 5350 ohm, the power of indicator light is corresponding to the 2.14W. power formula (P=UI=U – /R). However, our products are due to the structure of space, high resistance to install, generally we use the 1/4W resistance, 1/4W is the rated power, the maximum power is a normal power, if the lamp is 2.14W, while the resistance using 0.25W, 2.14W>0.25W so the resistance and led will burn soon in few minutes.

If the resistance power can not change. We can according to the resistance power to count resistance. According to the P= U²/R. 0.25=(110-3)²/R,, the resistance is corresponding to the 45796Ω, the resistance itself also has some errors, such as some 5%, so 110V blue LED, when the minimum resistance cannot be less than 45796*1.05=48085Ω, due to some problems of environmental factors, usually slightly enlarged a little (according to the environment can be regulation).

The original distinguish each represent their own performance factors, fully consider component features

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