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16mm 0.63inch 110v Raised led lndicator light without wire(FL1M-16BJ)

In September 5th, 2016, a Thailand importer found this 12V 16MM diamond head LED indicator lights in our website through their local GOOGLE,They’ve also used this, but the quality is not good, he looked carefully on our website about products ‘ material and parameters, and found it is completely different, he contact us about this, Our sales staff gave him a detailed introduction of our products,he is very interested, also said that the quality of the one he bought before is not reliable,We offered him a sample test, and he agreed.

4 days later, he received the samples, write to us that he is very pleased to see our quality indicator exceeded his expectations,Lamp shell is metal materials, the appearance is perfect, they bought before is plastic and many burr, He tested our LED found it is with long life and the lighting effect is very good.

His contract was issued in September 10th, and then the order came.Our sales staff talk to him and know the products is been used in electric rice grinding machine(suddenly thought Thailand rice is the world famous), we found after he purchased these indicator lights, they will make that with cables, We immediately suggested to him that we could make cables here directly, Guests are very happy and excited, he invited us to Thailand tourism, looking forward to the advent of the new line indicator…… Looking forward to visiting guests in Thailand…… Looking forward to Thailand tourism……

The Thailand guest wants the indicator lights is this FL1M-16BJ.If you have any questions on the indicator lights, please send us an, we will give you a reply within 12 hours.