FILN Red 15A KCD4 380V 6PIN IP68 3 Position Rocker Switches

3 Position Rocker Switch Product Introduction

This 3 position rocker switch is made with a new base, which can reach up to 30A. It uses 4mm large silver contacts inside, and the feet are made of copper, which can be waterproof. From the outside, our buttons are very different from those of other manufacturers. , Because we use spray paint materials, which look better, more atmospheric, and more fashionable. Generally, we can spray black paint or silver paint. At present, black paint is more popular.

The 3 position rocker switch with light can be made in five different colors, red, yellow, green, yellow, or black without light. The mounting hole is 22x30mm. This 3 position rocker switch is also a double-pole double-throw model and has passed CE UL RoHS After certification, the safety performance is guaranteed. Usually, we pack 50 blister packs, 1,000 pieces per carton, and the weight of a carton is about 20kg. The outer carton is 51x34x45cm. We also accept orders for several samples, which doesn’t matter to us. We will sell to you as much as you want.

3 What is the difference between the position rocker switch and other switches? Take the key switch as an example as an illustration below:

Most consumers do not understand the difference between the 3 position rocker switch and the key switch, but objectively understand that the appearance of the two switches is different.

In fact, the safety between the 3 position rocker switch and the key switch is very high.

① Damaged area.

Due to the torque problem, the key switch has the same pressure amplitude as the 3 position rocker switch, and the 3 position rocker switch can make the moving parts have a greater rupture amplitude. If the key switch wants to achieve a similar disconnection range, the torsion of the innerspring will be higher than that of the 3 position rocker switch, and problems are more likely to occur.

People often see the key switch stuck, largely because its internal spring has passed its service life.

② Limit the number of connections.

Because the key switch occupies a small space on the panel, many key brands will provide more than four switch specifications, up to six.

There will be many cables on the back of the corresponding switch (if it is a 6-position dual control switch, there are 12 wires on the back). Too many cables are filled with black boxes.

On the one hand, heat dissipation becomes a major issue. On the other hand, cables are prone to fire, leading to circuit breaks, short circuits, leaks and other accidents.

Large-scale 3 position rocker switches are generally below 4, and brand-name products usually only have 3 at most, which limits the amount of wiring on the back and ensures that there is enough space in the dark box.

③ Reduce the risk of leakage during use.

Key switches are usually the size of a finger. If the user’s hand is in a wet state (for example, in a bathroom), the finger fully touches the keys but also touches the space between the keys and the panel.

If the quality of the switch is poor, the drive in the switch may be exposed to moisture and leakage, posing a threat to the user. 3 The pressure space of the position rocker switch is relatively large, which reduces the risk in this respect.

The contents of the rocker switch failure, first, the cause and solution of the failure:

3 The position rocker switch cannot be closed sometimes. How to solve this situation?


3 The inside of the position rocker switch contains a piece of metal with a spring point in the middle. The spring displacement or deformation due to the aging of the plastic support makes the switch inflexible.

You can turn off the power to check, if the plastic part is not damaged, you can restore it. The neutral line inside the switch is direct and has nothing to do with the switching element.

Therefore, if the switch is opened, it will be damaged due to the isolation of the switch neutral. The damaged part can be cut and rewired to ensure insulation. If the bottom of the indicator is short-circuited, reconnect it.

So what can we do to reduce or prevent the occurrence of these failures?


① For the installation environment requirements of the 3 position rocker switch, generally do not install and use it in a too humid environment, otherwise, some water will easily penetrate into the switch and cause water failure. Therefore, when not installing the application, it is necessary to consider installing a splash cover.

② 3 The position rocker switch should not be charged for a long time in the high-temperature environment. In order to avoid the high-temperature environment, the arc and heat generated by the 3 position rocker switch are likely to be generated, which will cause dangerous accidents such as natural or natural explosions. In addition, when installing and connecting the 3 position rocker switch, please pay more attention to your hands to avoid touching the connection of the connection point, otherwise, it may cause electric shock.

③ Do not use the 3 position rocker switch for a long time under overload conditions. Once the load is less than the working current of the line, do not exceed the maximum working current capacity of the circuit breaker to avoid the switch being unable to withstand the current overload and directly burning the switch. Set current and voltage limits when installing 3 position rocker switch.

④ For products with 3 position rockers switches of different specifications, please do not change or use them at will, because in general, please refer to 3 position rockers switches of different specifications, not only the specifications and dimensions but the function and the quality of use In other words, there are also big differences. If the 3 position rocker switch chosen by the company is not suitable, it is easy to cause the breaker to malfunction.

⑤ When you don’t need to use the 3 position rocker switch, be careful not to press the 3 position rocker switch too frequently.

Otherwise, the shrapnel in the 3 position rocker switch is easily damaged. Therefore, some keystrokes or keys will get stuck when using the switch.

If it is serious, it will directly lead to the failure or failure of the switch key.

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Product Item KCD4-0113-23
Panel Mount Diameter 22*30mm
Contact Way solder pin
Install Way Buckle
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage 3v, 5v, 6v, 12v, 24v,13v, 110v, 120v, 220v, 240v, 250v, 380v
Lamp Color Red,white,blue,green,black,yellow
Shell Material brass plated nickel
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment etc
Current 15A, 20A, 30A
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