14mm 12V 220V 110 Volt LED Indicator Lights

110 Volt LED Indicator Lights Product Introduction


his is a 110 volt led indicator lights, its model is FL1P-14QW-1, it is a plastic indicator light, the indicator shell is all-inclusive, all the lights display red light, strong light penetration, high waterproof performance.


The indicator lights shine like diamonds, 110 volt led indicator lights have 4 colors of red, green, yellow and blue. In addition to the 110V LED voltage, it can also produce 12V, 24V, 220V, 250V.


Q&A for 110 Volt LED Indicator Lights


–  Can its mounting port be changed?

The mounting port of this model is 14MM. Generally speaking, it cannot be changed. Each model has fixed parameters, but we have other models of the same type. The mounting port parameters of other models are different. Of course, we can also customize the indicator light.


–  What equipment is 110 volt led indicator lights used for?

The 110 volt led indicator lights has a novel shape, clear light-emitting parts, energy-saving and power-saving, and a long service life. It is suitable for all kinds of small household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment, instruments, communication equipment, automobiles, motorcycles, photography, Toys, refrigerators, freezers, electric welders, generators, medical equipment and other electrical circuits are used for various light indicator signals, warning signals, accident signals and other signals.


–  What is the service life of 110 volt led indicator lights? Is there a high probability of damage?

He service life of the LED is 50,000 hours, and the probability of damage is not great. We have passed the quality inspection before delivery. The product quality can be guaranteed, so you can buy with confidence.


–  This 110 volt led indicator lights wants to be waterproof, is it high in waterproof level? Is there any international certification?

110 volt led indicator lights have a high waterproof level, which can reach IP67. It has also obtained several international certifications, such as UL certification from the United States, VDE certification from Germany, CE certification from the EU, and ISO90001 quality management system certification, etc. . Our indicators are up to international standards.


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Product Item FL1P-14QW-1
Panel Mount Diameter 14mm
Contact Way With wire
Install Way screw terminal
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage AC/DC, 3V、6V、12V、24V、110V、220V、380V
Lamp Color red yellow blue green white
Product Design Flat head
Shell Material PC
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances,    automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment etc
Component name Material
lens PC plastic
Metal Body H59 brass or 304 stainless steel
Wahser T10 Cold Rolled Steel
Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Housing PA66 nylon
Light Source LED
Resistor Metal film
Cable PTFE AWG22 0.3mm²
Plug-in C2680 RoHS brass
Items Parameter
Rated Voltage 3V-780V DC or AC
Rated Current 20mA
Rated Power 0.2W
Insulation and Voltage Resistance 1800V
Working Life 100000h
Electrical Life 100000
Cold-resistant -40℃
Heat-resisting 80℃
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