12V Pilot Green LED Indicator Light

Chapter 2: Green LED Indicator Light Detailed Parameters

Green LED Indicator Light product details
Panel Mount Diameter 6MM
Waterproof level IP54
Connection method Screw screw fixing mode
color Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White ,purple,
certification  CE ROSH  CCC  ISO90001
The weight of the 0.25KG
packaging 50PCS/Box, 1000PCS/CTN
Connection mode With wire

Green LED Indicator Light is usually used in sound effects, modified cars and electronic products. It is popular in the market due to its low price.

Application of indicator light
  • Green LED Indicator Light installation size is 6MM
  • Green LED Indicator Light’s head is concave, it is mostly outdoors, so the concave head has Light effect.
  • The LED of this lamp uses stage LED. If you use it on 12V or 24V, it must be divided into positive and negative stages. If it is connected wrong, it will not be energized.
  • LED Indicator Light service life 50000 hours, Indicator color red yellow green blue white and so on.
  • The wiring mode of the lamp is a wired connection, it is very convenient for you to connect.
  • Indicator Light can be used in any voltage you want from 2V to 750V
green led lamp
The project test criteria of green LED indicator light
The criteria of withstand voltage test 1800V
The criteria of waterproof test IP67
The criteria of strain relief test 10KG
The criteria of high and low temperature test 40 degrees below zero/ 80 degrees
The criteria of service life test 50,000 hours

The light weight of this lamp is very light, and there is no minimum order quantity, which is very suitable for cross-border e-commerce.

Where to buy Indicator Light

Chapter 3: How can I buy the green LED indicator light?

If you want to purchase a green LED indicator light, there are 3 ways.

When the order quantity of the green LED indicator light you purchase is relatively small, you can purchase it directly on local Amazon or eBay.

Although its price is relatively high, the speed is very fast. You can receive the product on the second day of purchase.

If the quantity of green LED indicator light you purchase is not large, and the time requirement is not very urgent, you can buy it on (AliExpress). the price is very cheap, and the shipping fee is also very cheap.

If you are a factory and you also need a lot of green LED indicator lights, then you can directly contact us and email us

We will reply to you in time within 24 hours because we are a professional manufacturer of indicator light.

The price will be very advantageous. Usually, if you purchase 100, our price will only be 25% of the local or Amazon. Plus the shipping fee is about 20 US dollars, you can save 60% of the amount which is very cost-effective.

You can also look at other models of the indicator light. We adopt 62H environmental protection copper material and numerical control technology to process the shell.

Green LED indicator light material introduction
The head style Socket head
installation Screw thread style
Metal shell material Brass
Lamp Type LED
The material of the base PA66
Connection type Terminals connection with wire
The material of the nut Brass,8MM
Waterproof washer /
Gasket materials iron
The resistance type Carbon film resistor
Wire material PVC
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