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12mm Push Button Switch FLM12-FJ-L-2P

Metal-free Button Made by FILN

The installation diameter is 12mm 0.47inch. The following is a detailed introduction.

1. The buttons divided into 3 types. They are flat face, round face and high face. Metal parts are made of stainless steel or brass nickel plated materials with high precision CNC lathe processing. Besides, the appearance is unique and innovative. At the same time, metal shell is safer to use.

Filn Metal Push Button

2. Metal button plastic parts imported from Germany’s Bayer nylon materials.

3. Metal buttons are available in both latching and momentary types. First, when locked, it cannot be automatically returned. Second, the momentary means the spring receding type. And when it pushes, it will automatically return.

4. These buttons without wires are mainly terminal pins and screw pins. Moreover, the terminal pins can be custom width and thickness.

Customed Metal Button

Metal buttons are available in both illuminating and non-illuminating. The luminaires use non-polar LEDs, so the problem of connecting the positive and negative poles is not considered. This LED has a long service life that can last up to 100,000 hours. Besides, the color of the lamp can be customized. It is customizable red, yellow, blue, green, white, orange, purple and other color ranges. Furthermore, we also produce 2 and 3 color indicators.

Customized Metal Button Voltage

Metal button voltages are customizable. Includes 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 380V.

Customizable to Increase Waterproof Function

The degree of protection IP67 is safe and prevents dusting and short-term immersion.

Model description

Metal buttons are suitable for electrical appliances, machine tools, office, etc.

Switch specifications2A/36VDC
Contact resistance≤50mΩ
Insulation resistance≥1000mΩ
Dielectric Intensity2000VAC
Ambient temperature.-20℃~+55℃
Mechanical life500,000 cycles
Electrical life50,000 cycles
Panel thickness1~6mm
Nut torque5~14nm
Operation pressureAbout 5N
Operation strokeAbout 2.0mm
Protection levelIP65, IK08
Material contactSilver alloy
Material ButtonStainless Steel
Material EnclosureNickel-plated brass/Stainless stell
Material BasePA66
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