The Complete Guide for 12mm Plastic Indicator Light

  1. What is the 12mm push snap-in solder pin plastic indicator light?

As we all know, the advantage of plastic indicator light is: good processing characteristics, can be processed into a variety of shapes according to the use of products, and the processing technology is simple, suitable for the use of large-scale mechanized production.

Chemical stability is good, plastic to general acid, alkali, salt, and grease have better corrosion resistance than metal materials and some inorganic materials are much better.

Good electrical insulation, general plastics are bad conductors of electricity, its electrical insulation and ceramics, rubber comparable.

Rich adornment sex, plastic can make a transparent product, also can make the product of all sorts of color, and color and luster are beautiful, durable, still can use advanced printing, embossing, electroplating and bronzing technology to make the product that has all sorts of design, pattern and surface stereo feeling, metallic feeling.

The 12 mm push snap-in solder pin Plastic Indicator Light consists of the bottom of the Lampshade, LED wick, solder pins, The middle part of the FILN 12mm Plastic Indicator Light is smooth, and in the process of using your device will not cause unnecessary wear and tear, but this does not mean that our Plastic Indicator Light is easy to lose, At the bottom of the grooves in the pins and part perfectly, fills in the middle of a blemish, bring you a comfortable using process.

The 12mm push snap-in solder pin LED Plastic Indicator Light has a unique design.

After the light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance, a uniform planar luminous effect is formed.

Good uniformity of illumination, soft light, comfortable and bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.

At the same time, our Emergency Plastic Indicator Lights will not stimulate the skin of children, pregnant women, the elderly, can feel at ease to use.

Plastic Indicator Light
Plastic Indicator Light


    1. Why design the 12mm push snap-in solder pin plastic indicator light?


(1) Due to the lack of light transmittance of some safety indicators on the market, they do not meet the national standard when used in the field of a fire evacuation, which will affect people’s observation in emergencies, which will cause unnecessary casualties and snap pins. The indicator light came into being.

(2) Secondly, the snap pins plastic indicator light is small and exquisite, and its approximate oval shape does not occupy an area.

Compared with the metal indicator light, it is keen on the light and transparent plastic indicator light. The FILN12mm snap pin indicator light must be the best choice.

In this snap pin plastic indicator light, you can see the internal structure loomingly, so that you can check its usage and consumption at any time.

12mm Plastic Indicator Light
12mm Plastic Indicator Light
  1. Which company makes this 12mm snap pins plastic indicator light?

FILN is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in making indicator lights, buttons, rocker switches, and all kinds of switches, with more than 10 years of foreign trade experience, more than 20 years of business experience.

From 1998 to today, FILN has developed from a shop to a trading company and then to the present Electronic Co., LTD. The development of FILN is getting better and better, among which good teamwork ability is one of the most important reasons.

When COVID-19 broke out in 2020, the global economy was in the doldrums and all industries were hit by the epidemic, especially the import and export trade which was almost blocked.

Many companies are overwhelmed by the onslaught of the epidemic.

But FILN has survived stubbornly, which is due to the sufficient capital of the boss, the persistence of all the employees, the company’s culture and atmosphere, and hundreds of people standing together through thick and thin.

The Complete Guide for 12mm Plastic Indicator Light

  1. Can the FILN 12mm snap pins plastic indicator lights be customized?

The answer is yes. In addition to the five regular colors of red, yellow, blue, green, and white, our company also has other colors, such as pink, purple, or orange, and cyan.

On the head shape, if you want to add patterns, we will communicate with you without hesitation to achieve the effect you want.

Regarding issues such as voltage and amperage, you only need to hand it over to our engineers; I still remember that a customer in Chile asked about the plastic indicator light that can only withstand 80 degrees Celsius, but he wanted a plastic that can withstand 120 degrees Celsius Indicator light. After consulting the technical department and the boss, I gave the customer a satisfactory answer.

PC and PA66 can be used as a plastic indicator light-resistant to 120 degrees Celsius. PC plastic has good heat resistance. The heat distortion temperature is greater than 126℃, PC plastic can maintain good electrical properties in a wide temperature range, and also has good cold resistance, and can work for a long time under minus 70℃;

PA66 plastic has a higher melting point in polyamide materials, PA66 can maintain strong strength and rigidity at higher temperatures.

PA66 plastic still has hygroscopicity after molding, its degree mainly depends on the composition of the material, wall thickness, and environmental conditions.

Once you contact us, we will serve to the end and you can relax. We are absolutely professional in the design and service of indicator lights.


  1. What should I do if I encounter problems with the plastic indicator light with 12mm snapper pins?

Don’t worry at all, we have a good pre-sales and after-sales service, customers in the purchase or use, you can contact the salesman at any time, we will do our best to solve the problem.

For example, there is a customer in India, the switch he wants is self-replevin, but both the video and pictures sent to me indicate that it is self-locking.

When the customer received the goods, he found that it was not the one he wanted.

After the salesman communicated with him, he returned the goods and we sent the goods again.

This matter shows the importance of timely communication between salesmen and customers, and also needs to be confirmed again.

Or in the way of installation, the middle line is not installed correctly, resulting in the light is not on, in the transit caused by a variety of problems, etc., our salesman will be very patient to find the source, investigate the cause, the final solution.


  1. Was the FILN 12mm snap pin plastic indicator lights designed by a professional team?

FILN’s product is the result of numerous designs, changes, and continuous innovations.

It is thanks to a strong innovative R&D team that our company’s 12mm snap pin indicator light can be sold well.

The technology research and development team has been maintaining a continuous high-speed output. With the continuous change of technology, our products are contacted more and more, and the machines used are more and more extensive.

We have made plastic indicator lights, plastic buttons, guitar switches, limit switches, etc. from metal indicator lights, metal buttons, and rocker switches.

Now we have achieved temperature control switches, which are becoming more and more intelligent, keeping up with market demand. And the changes of the times.


  1. How did the FILN 12mm snap pin plastic indicator light reach the customer?

Under normal circumstances, the customer payment, the salesman will place the order in the system, the workshop’s management can make, then to the warehouse staff off ingredients,

the ingredients give workshop after the completion of the workers, they began to work hard, the workers are done, will notify the salesman push single, generate sales notice,

the salesman to the workshop to check the quality of the goods, packaged goods, calculate the weight of the goods, and then contact the Courier, waiting to take;

when the Courier picks up the goods, he will have a tracking number, and the salesman will give the tracking number to the customer so that he can know the logistics information of the goods at any time.

Then there is the issue of customs clearance. Some customers may not know what customs clearance materials to prepare for their first transaction on Alibaba or Aliexpress. At this time, the salesman of our company will provide full service for you.

Finally, the safe delivery of the goods to your hands is our joint effort. Of course, if your goods are in urgent need, we will also give priority to you.

  1. Where can I use the FILN indicator light?

Indicator lights are very versatile, usually used in coffee machines, water heaters, water dispensers, grills, meat grinders, automation, test equipment, sterilization cabinets, dishwashers, barbecues, washing machines, food machinery,

refrigerators, mixers, mixers, Malfunction, modified car, shoe machine, refrigeration equipment, heat preservation rice rack, cooking stove, waterproof bellows, induction cooker, oil fume purifier, noodle cooking bucket, vending machine, charging pile, solar energy, power box, subway, dashboard,

Audio equipment, distribution boxes, sound effectors, cinemas, medical equipment, car panels, players, audio equipment, distribution boxes, medical equipment, power amplifier players, education, school laboratories, generators, electric welding machines’ ‘Cable trays, inverters,

voltage regulators, access control equipment, auto, and motorcycle accessories, industrial air purifiers; and the FILN indicator has passed the American UL certification,

the German VDE certification, the European Union CE certification, and passed the iso9001-0001 quality Management system certification, etc., stable quality, complete styles, and different styles of indicator lights can be customized according to customer needs.

  1. How should I buy and pay?

You can select and purchase through the official website, Alibaba, and Aliexpress,, Credit Insurance, Paypal, Bank Transfer to pay,

If you do not find a satisfactory product on the official website,Alibaba or Aliexpress, also can through email and contact the salesman to deal.

Recently we open an account on Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Linkedin, Twitter, this is the link to our Facebook account,,this kind of social software, can let customers easier to find the products.

At the same time about freight, we will help you to choose the best way, such as in the regulation of price can buy multiple goods, find one of the most thoughtful services for the customer.

  1. Is there a special instrument for testing 12mm snap pins indicator lights?

There is no doubt that our company has instruments for testing indicator lights. Such as Indicator Life Aging Test Bench, Insulation Resistance Tester, Intelligent DC Low Resistance Tester, Pressure Tester, LED Life Tester, etc. The products sold on the market are all going through layers of checks, so the quality and safety are absolutely guaranteed. And we have passed the ROHS certification, with CE, CCC, VDE certifications.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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FILN company introduction

Filn is an innovative industrial and trading company integrating r&d, production, and sales. The company was founded in 1998 and has 21 years of history. Now the company has three factories and one trading company.

FILN produces indicator lights, button switches, boat switches, guitar switches, touch control system switches, waterproof microswitches, and other products.

FILN is the world’s most complete indicator lamp category of a manufacturing company, but also China’s only one has a small indicator lamp UL certificate mainland manufacturers.

In 2008, Yueqing feilin trading company was registered to engage in export business

The production of the ship switch series started in 2008.

In 2016, he was awarded the ISO9001 quality management system certificate, the VDE certificate in the same year, and participated in the Korea electronics fair and the German electronics fair in the same year. Opened the road of exhibition

In 2017, he started to design and develop guitar switch products, and in 2018, he completed the design of the new guitar switch with lights. He also participated in the electronics show in Thailand and the electronics show in Brazil.

In 2018, I obtained the indicator light UL certification in the United States and CCC quality certification in China. At the same time, I participated in exhibitions in Singapore, the United States, and Germany.

In 2019, a research and development center was set up in Shenzhen to develop touch control system switches, and the switch laboratory was established after obtaining the UL certificate for buttons and a UL certificate for ship type. At the same time, the company participated in the electronic exhibition in Brazil and the electronic exhibition in Hong Kong

The Complete Guide for 12mm Plastic Indicator Light

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