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8MM Inverter FILN Red Greeb Yellow 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights

12 Volts LED Indicator Lights Detailed parameters

Component name Material
Lens PC Plastic
Metal body H59 Brass or 204 Stainless Steel
Washer T10 Cold Rolled Steel
Rubber ring SIL Silica Gel
Nut H59 Nickel Plated Brass
Housing PA66 Nylon
Light source LED
Resistor Metal Film
Cable PTFE AWG22 0.3mm²
Items Parameter
Rated voltage 3V-780V DC or AC
rated current 20MA
rated power 0.2W
Insulation and voltage resistance 1,800V
working life 100,000h
electrical life 100,000
cold-resistant -40℃
heat-resisting 80℃
Plug-in C2680 Rohs Brass
12v indicator light: Understanding Its Functions and Applicatio

12v indicator lights are an essential component in various applications, enhancing communication, safety, and functionality.

Whether you’re looking to understand their usage in vehicles, machinery, or outdoor settings, or need guidance on purchasing the right 12v led indicator lights, this comprehensive guide has got you covered.

From different colors and safety considerations to where you can buy quality 12v indicator lights from reputable manufacturers like FILN, you’ll find valuable insights tailored to your needs. Dive into the world of 12v indicator lights and discover how they can elevate your projects, operations, and designs.

What is a 12v indicator light and how does it work?

A 12v indicator light, or red indicator light, is a. small electric light that is designed to operate at 12 volts.

1 Definition and Design: It’s innovatively used to signal the status of a machine or equipment The red indicator light often means a warning or an error.

2 Operation: It works by connecting to a 12-volt power source, illuminating. the led red indicator light when a specific condition is met..

3 Types: There are various types, including 12v led indicator light, 12 volt indicator. light, and 12 volt led indicator lights, catering to different needs and applications..

4 Components: It usually comprises a bulb, lens, housing, and electrical connections.

5 Usage: 12v indicator lights are found in vehicles, machinery, appliances, and control panels.

6 Connection: Connection is usually straightforward, requiring a power source, ground, and sometimes a resistor.

7 Advantages: These lights are energy-efficient, bright, and long-lived.

8 Variations: Different colors and shapes are available to indicate various statuses.

9 Standards: Many 12v indicator lights meet safety standards like UL, CCC, IP67, etc.

10 Where to Buy: Quality 12v indicator lights can be obtained from specialized manufacturers, ensuring accuracy in experimental data.

A table summarizing the features:

Feature Description
Voltage 12 volts
Colors Red, green, blue, etc
Applications Cars, machines, control panels, etc
Energy Efficiency High
Safety Standards UL, CCC, IP67, etc

The 12v indicator light is a versatile and essential component in many modern devices Understanding its operation and features is key to maximizing its potential.

How do you install a 12v indicator light?

Installing a 12v indicator light is a simple process that typically involves the following steps:

1 Selecting the Right Light: Choose the appropriate 12v indicator light for your needs, considering factors like color, brightness, and size.

2 Gathering Tools: Gather necessary tools such as a screwdriver, wire cutter, and connector.

3 Preparation: Turn off the power to the circuit where the light will be installed.

4 Mounting the Light: Mount the red indicator light in the desired location using the provided hardware.

5 Wiring: Connect the light’s positive wire to the 12-volt power source and the negative wire to the ground.

6 Testing: Turn on the power and test the 12 volt indicator light to ensure it’s functioning correctly.

7 Sealing Connections: Use heat-shrink tubing or electrical tape to seal connections if needed.

8 Adding Controls: If desired, connect the light to a switch or relay for control.

9 Compliance: Ensure that the installation complies with local regulations and safety standards.

10 Maintenance: Regularly check the 12 volt led indicator lights for any signs of wear or malfunction.

Below is a list of innovative tools used:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • Connector
  • Electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing

By following these steps, you can install a 12v indicator light with minimal hassle It’s always good to refer to the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer and consult a professional if needed.

Can I use a 12v indicator light in my car or boat?

A 12v indicator light is often used in both cars and boats Here’s how:

1 In Cars: They can be used as dashboard indicators for warnings, signals, or other notifications.

2 In Boats: 12v led indicator light can be used to indicate navigation status, battery levels, or other essential information.

3 Types: Many types, such as 12 volt led indicator lights, are designed explicitly for automotive and marine use.

4 Installation: Installation in vehicles and boats is similar, requiring connection to a 12-volt power source.

5 Durability: Ensure that the 12v indicator light chosen is suitable. for the environment, especially in boats where water resistance is essential..

6 Compliance: Adhere to local regulations and standards regarding the use of 12 volt indicator lights in vehicles and boats.

7 Benefits: Using them in cars and boats adds safety and convenience to the user experience.

8 Maintenance: Regular maintenance and inspection are essential to ensure the proper functioning of the lights.

9 Purchasing: Buy from reputable manufacturers that provide quality 12 volt led indicator lights, with certifications like UL, CCC, etc.

10 Considerations: Consider factors like vibration resistance and visibility when selecting a light for these applications.

In conclusion, 12v indicator lights are innovatively used in both cars and boats for various purposes Ensure that you select the appropriate light and adhere to all relevant safety guidelines.

12v indicator light

What are the innovative applications for 12v led indicator lights?

12v led indicator lights are widely used in various fields, including:

1 Automotive: In cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles for warnings, signals, or notifications.

2 Marine: In boats, yachts, and ships to indicate navigation status, battery levels, etc.

3 Industrial: In machinery, control panels, and equipment to signal operating status or malfunctions.

4 Home Appliances: In washing machines, ovens, and other appliances to show operational modes.

5 Electronic Devices: In computers, chargers, and gadgets as power indicators or charging status.

6 Outdoor Signage: For road signs, traffic signals, or advertising using 12 volt led indicator lights.

7 Medical Equipment: In healthcare devices to signal operation modes or patient conditions.

8 Safety Equipment: In emergency lights, fire alarms,

or safety systems.

9 Recreational Vehicles: In RVs, campers, and trailers for indicating various statuses.

10 Custom Projects: DIY projects, hobbyist creations, or custom-built machines.

These examples highlight the versatility and importance of 12v led indicator lights in various sectors and applications.

Where can I buy quality 12v led indicator lights?

Quality 12v led indicator lights can be purchased from several sources:

1 Specialized Manufacturers: Companies specializing in indicator lights often offer quality products, such as FILN.

2 Online Marketplaces: Websites like Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba offer various options and customer reviews.

3 Local Electronics Stores: Many stores carry a selection of 12 volt led indicator lights for different applications.

4 Automotive Shops: Stores that specialize in automotive parts may have a range of 12v indicator lights for vehicles.

5 Marine Suppliers: If you need lights for boats, marine suppliers often carry suitable options.

6 Industrial Suppliers: Businesses catering to industrial needs may have specific 12v indicator lights.

7 Custom Orders: Some manufacturers can create custom lights tailored to your specific requirements.

8 Consult Professionals: If unsure, consulting an electrician or professional in the field can guide your purchase.

9 Check Certifications: Look for certifications like UL, CCC, and RoHS to ensure quality and safety.

10 Consider Warranty: Some suppliers offer warranties or guarantees, adding confidence to your purchase.

When buying 12v led indicator lights, considering factors like quality, application, and certifications ensures the best purchase for your needs.

Are there different colors available for 12v indicator lights?

Yes, 12v indicator lights come in various colors to serve different purposes:

1 Red: Often used as a warning or alert signal.

2 Green: Commonly indicates normal operation or readiness.

3 Blue: Used for informational signals or specific conditions.

4 Yellow/Amber: Indicates caution or transitional statuses.

5 White: General-purpose or for illumination.

6 Multi-Color: Some lights can change colors or include multiple colored LEDs.

7 Customization: Some manufacturers, like FILN, allow customization of colors for specific applications.

8 Significance: Each color often carries specific meanings, aligned with industry standards.

9 Selection: Choose the appropriate color based on the intended signal or message.

10 Availability: Most manufacturers offer a wide range of color options for 12 volt indicator lights.

Different colors add functionality and specificity to the applications of 12v indicator lights, ensuring effective communication and signaling.

single color indicator light

How to choose the best 12v indicator light for my needs?

Choosing the best 12v indicator light involves considering several factors:

1 Application: Determine where the light will be used (e.g., vehicle, machinery, appliance).

2 Voltage Requirements: Ensure compatibility with the 12-volt system.

3 Color: Select the appropriate color (e.g., red indicator light) for the intended signal or status.

4 Size: Consider the physical size and mounting requirements.

5 Brightness: Decide on the brightness level needed for visibility.

6 Durability: Consider factors like water resistance (e.g., IP67) if used in challenging environments.

7 Certifications: Look for certifications like UL, CCC to ensure quality and safety.

8 Special Features: Assess if special features like flashing or multi-color are needed.

9 Budget: Compare options within your budget without compromising quality.

10 Manufacturer Support: Consider buying from reputable manufacturers that offer support, warranties, and customization if needed.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select the best 12v indicator light that suits your requirements and expectations.

What are the safety considerations when using a 12v indicator light?

Safety is paramount when using 12v indicator lights, and here’s what you need to consider:

1 Compliance with Standards: Ensure that the lights meet relevant safety standards like UL, CCC, IP67.

2 Proper Installation: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations during installation.

3 Water Resistance: If used in wet environments, choose lights with appropriate water-resistant ratings.

4 Voltage Compatibility: Use the light with the specified 12-volt system to prevent damage or malfunction.

5 Regular Inspection: Regularly check the lights for signs of wear, damage, or malfunction.

6 Use of Correct Tools: Utilize proper tools and equipment during installation and maintenance.

7 Avoiding Overload: Ensure that the electrical system can handle the additional load of the 12 volt led indicator lights.

8 Understanding Colors and Symbols: Recognize the meanings of different colors and symbols to prevent miscommunication.

9 Professional Assistance: Consult or hire professionals if unsure about installation or maintenance.

10 Environmental Considerations: Choose environmentally friendly options, such as LED, where possible.

Taking these considerations into account enhances safety and effectiveness when using
12v indicator lights.

How do 12v indicator lights enhance communication in machinery?

12v indicator lights play a crucial role in enhancing communication within machinery by:

1 Providing Instant Information: They offer immediate visual cues about the machine’s status.

2 Indicating Warnings and Alerts: Lights like red indicator lights signal warnings or errors, demanding attention.

3 Showing Operational Status: Green or blue lights may indicate normal operation or specific conditions.

4 Guiding Operators: Lights can guide operators through sequences or processes.

5 Customization: Machines often use specific colors or flashing patterns for unique messages.

6 Energy Efficiency: LED versions like 12v led indicator lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

7 Compatibility with Automation: They can be integrated with automated systems for seamless communication.

8 Enhancing Safety: Quick and clear signals enhance safety by conveying vital information promptly.

9 Assisting in Troubleshooting: Indicator lights help in diagnosing issues or malfunctions.

10 Universal Understanding: Standardized colors and symbols facilitate understanding across different languages and cultures.

12v indicator lights thus act as a vital communication tool in machinery, improving efficiency, safety, and functionality.

Can 12v indicator lights be used outdoors?

Yes, 12v indicator lights can be used outdoors, but certain considerations must be taken into account:

1 Water Resistance: Look for lights with proper water-resistant ratings like IP67 if they will be exposed to rain or moisture.

2 UV Resistance: Consider UV-resistant materials to prevent fading or damage from sunlight.

3 Temperature Tolerance: Ensure the lights can withstand the outdoor temperature ranges in your area.

4 Durability: Opt for robust construction to endure wind, dust, and other outdoor elements.

5 Visibility: Choose brightness levels suitable for outdoor visibility.

6 Energy Source: Ensure a consistent 12-volt power source, whether from a vehicle, battery, or other means.

7 Mounting: Consider secure mounting options to withstand outdoor conditions.

8 Compliance with Local Regulations: Check with local authorities for any specific regulations or requirements.

9 Consider Environmental Impact: Opt for energy-efficient options like 12v led indicator lights.

10 Consult Professionals if Needed: Seek professional guidance for outdoor installation or unique requirements.

By considering these factors, 12v indicator lights can be effectively utilized outdoors, serving various purposes with reliability and efficiency.

A Quick Look at 12V Indicator Light Prices in the US

When it comes to 12V indicator lights, there’s a wide range of options available in the market. Whether you’re looking for a simple indicator light or something more specialized, it’s essential to know the prices to make an informed decision.

Flow Charts, and Tables

Flow charts, charts, and tables are effective ways to present information about 12V indicator light prices. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Bar Chart of 12V Indicator Light Prices

12v indicator light

Table of 12V Indicator Light Prices

Indicator Lights Price (in $)
lkelyonewy 12 Volt 5Mm Pre Wired Not Specified
GASHER 12V/24V/110V 20mA Energy Saving Indicator Light Not Specified
Universal 12V Dash Indicator Light Blue High Beams 1/2″ Mount Chrome Ring 9.23
12VDC LED Single Color Indicators 2.27 (for 10+ indicators)
Wholesale 12V LED Indicator Lights Not Specified
FILN 12MM 12V Metal Red LED Indicator Light 2.26

List of 12V Indicator Lights and Their Prices

Here is a list of some popular 12V indicator lights and their prices:

  1. lkelyonewy 12 Volt 5Mm Pre Wired: The price for this indicator light is not specified. It may vary based on the product size and color.
  2. GASHER 12V/24V/110V 20mA Energy Saving Indicator Light: This indicator light is available in red and green, with a mounting hole size of 22mm (7/8 inch). The price is not specified in the search results.
  3. Universal 12V Dash Indicator Light Blue High Beams 1/2″ Mount Chrome Ring: This indicator light is priced at $9.23. It is designed for dashboards and has a blue color with a chrome ring.
  4. 12VDC LED Single Color Indicators: The price for these indicators varies based on the quantity purchased. For example, if you buy 10 or more indicators, the price is $2.27 each. If you buy 1000 or more indicators, the price is $1.38 each.
  5. Wholesale 12V LED Indicator Lights | Aluminum Panel Mount: The price for these indicator lights is not specified in the search results. They are designed for wholesale purchase and come with aluminum panel mounts.
  6. FILN 12MM 12V Metal Red LED Indicator Light: This indicator light features a red LED and is priced at $2.26. It has a metal construction and a diameter of 12mm.

Note: The prices mentioned above are based on search results and may vary depending on the seller and other factors. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to visit the respective websites or contact the sellers directly.

In conclusion, when considering 12V indicator lights, it’s important to have a clear understanding of their prices. The flow chart, bar chart, and table provided in this article offer a visual representation and comparison of different options. Remember to do thorough research and compare prices before making a purchase decision.

The source of the metal 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights?


In July 2016, a customer from Los Angeles, USA contact us by e-mail. The customer said he is a trader and accidentally saw our website on Google. He found that the content of our website is very professional.

Through our communication, the customer has been purchasing metal 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights in China before. However, the product often has quality problems. Either the LED is not bright or the wire is broken. What’s more, the appearance is ugly, which leads to his business being miserable.

He sent the product photo they purchased before to us. The product price is relatively low, but his Chinese supplier was not professional. Because our current high-end 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights are too high that he couldn’t accept them, we decided to customize an indicator light with a superior price and better quality and appearance for the customer.

FILN adjusts the 12v red indicator light and the 12v green indicator light to the same brightness.

12v 8MM metal indicator light samples were sent to the customer through DHL with 8 months’ production.

The customer was very satisfied with the product and has been selling it until 2020. Filn has the ability to customize a variety of indicator lights for your demand.

12V indicator light

What is the parameter of the 8MM 12V LED indicator light?


Please refer to the below parameter of the 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights.

  1. The copper part material of the 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights is brass. Processed with CNC lathes, it can ensure the precision of the metal shell. After the electroplating process, the indicator light will be very bright, which looks very high-end and beautiful when it is installed on the machine. If the usage environment has sulfuric acid, we suggest you choose stainless steel material.
  2. The 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights adopts a spotlight LED. Its brightness is very high that can be used outdoors. Meanwhile, it can be achieved in various colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, white etc.
  3. Except for the 12V, you can also choose other voltages, such as 3V, 5V, 6V, 24V, 28V, 120V, 220V, 380V etc.
  4. All material is high temperature resistant, including electric wire that adopts the Teflon with temperature resistance 240 degrees.
  5. The waterproof grade is IP65. If the usage environment is outdoors, you can customize the IP67 waterproof rating.
  6. The installation size is 8mm. The opening hole of the panel can be 8.1mm to 8.3mm with screws. You just need to install the indicator light in the hole and tighten it with screws, which is very convenient.
12V led lamp

What is the 12V LED indicator light used for?

8mm metal 12V LED indicator light is very versatile.

In the food industry, it can use in coffee machines, water heaters, water dispensers, fryers and meat grinders.

In the factory, it can use in automation, testing equipment, disinfection cabinets, food machinery, freezers, Malfunction, Modified cars, Shoe Making Machine, Waterproof Air Box, Oil Fume Purifier, Solar Energy, Powerboat, dashboard, wine, audio equipment.

It can also use in cinema, medical equipment, car panel, audio equipment,  medical equipment, education, school laboratory, and access control devices.

Where are the lights used

How to connect the wire with the 12V LED indicator light?

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that the equipment is not powered on, then start to the next step.
  • Find the wire to be connected on the device and distinguish the neutral wire. Red is the live wire, blue is the neutral wire. If you are not sure, you can test with an electric pen. One end of the light is the live line and the other is the zero line. Remember, never touch it with your hands.
  • The next step is to cut the thread. After finding the wire, use small pliers or small scissors to pinch off the skin of the corresponding wire end on the equipment to expose the longer copper wire. Remember that the leakage of copper wire is not too short, or the connection is not easy to connect.
  • Ready to wired. Firstly, fix the indicator light in the right place of the equipment. Connect the positive and negative wires of the 12V LED indicator light to the two wires corresponding to the color of the power supply. Don’t forget to pinch the string of the lamp holder.
  • The last step is to use tape to fix the wiring mouth. Remember to buy an electrician special insulating tape. Wrap the wire with tape and fix it and tighten the tape.
  • Restore the wire to the original place. Power on the equipment and try to open the equipment to see if the indicator light works normally. If it is on, it means the connection is successful, otherwise, there is a mistake in one of the above links.




red led indicator light wiring

How to wire LED 12V indicator lights?

We prepare a 12v LED indicator light, usually, 5/16 LED indicator light is the most commonly used, then a 12V power supply, a 12V push button switch, a 12V fan.

Connect the 12V power supply to the 12V PUSH BUTTON switch, then connect the 12v LED indicator lights and 12V fan in series on the button.

Turn on the power, press the button, the fan will start running when the LED indicator lights up. The function of the LED indicator light is to let people use their eyes to see if the LED lights up to judge whether the machine is powered on.

See the 12 volts LED indicator light wiring video

How to ensure the quality of the 12V LED indicator light?

Filn has 20 years’ producing experience of the indicator light.  The 12V LED indicator light has passed the certifications of UL, CE, IP67, ISO90001.


We can provide a professional laboratory for indicator light testing, which can test the product according to the international standard and ensure the quality of the product. The warranty of the Filn 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights is 5 years.


We can supply replacement service free of charge if there is some quality problems during the period.

How many colors with the 8MM led 12v indicator light?

8mm led 12v indicator light has 6 kinds of colors.

12v red indicator light and 12v green indicator light are the most popular, as well as amber indicator light yellow indicator light, blue indicator light, white indicator light and so on.

If you want other colors, FILN can also be customized according to your needs.

How to purchase the 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights?

Indicator light factory

If you are a factory, you need customization LED indicator light or the order quantity is large, you can directly email us at, we will offer you our best price.

Indicator buyer

If your LED indicator light demand is small, you can place an order on AliExpress or Amazon.

Indicator store

In addition, Filn has produced more than 1,000 kinds of LED indicator light, you can browse our product catalog for more information.

12 Volts LED Indicator Lights Information
Product Item FL1M-8CW-2
Panel Mount Diameter 8mm
Contact Way With Wire
Install Way Screw Terminal
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage AC/DC,3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 220V, 380V
Lamp Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
Product Design Concave Head
Shell Material Brass Plated Nickel / Stainless Steel
Base Material PA66 Nylon
Terminal Material Brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment etc.

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