(Last Updated On: 02/20/2019)

12.5mm push snap-in panel LED indicator light

12.5mm push snap-in panel LED indicator light

It is a welcome 12.5mm and in 6.3mm taps, 0.25″, panel LED indicator light in USA.And widely use for Household Electric Appliances.

The power supply voltage can be 3v,5v,6v,12v,24v,110v,220v,and others customerized voltage is acceptable.the LED color can be red,green yellow,blue,white.and the LED inside is bidirectional,and directly push snap-in panel hole,easy to handle.

The thickness of the installation panel should not exceed 3mm.

Countless application including turn singal indicators,chang switch indication etc…install to the Dash,overhead console and coffee machine,water heater,other equipment machine.

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